Saturday, May 30, 2009

Paintball Headlines | West Coast Open Field Layout

West Coast Open Field Layout

Posted: 29 May 2009 10:16 AM PDT

Paintball ON-Demand

Posted: 29 May 2009 10:13 AM PDT

Much like Time-Warner/Comcast or any other tv type of thing, you now have on-demand with paintball. You can watch USPL Huntington Beach or PSP MAO.

I’d also like to comment on how I do not like the new web design for PSP. I do like the layout that USPL has for their site. PSP’s more user friendly site is stupid, it took me a while to find the stupid webcast while USPL had a nice videos link at the top of the page with all their other links. Also, it takes longer to load the PSP site than the USPL site. Anyways, this was just a silly rant about how I very much dislike the new PSP website.

Paintball ON-Demand - Paintball

Friday, May 29, 2009

Paintball Headlines | New Impulse Spec

New Impulse Specs and Pics

Posted: 28 May 2009 12:24 PM PDT


True to its heritage, the Impulse is a stacked tube marker, but this isn’t just a modification of the Classic, it is an all new marker with a more compact design, and numerous new features including:

* Pressure balanced poppet valve allowing 1700 to 1800 shots from a 4500 psi 68ci system
* Dual regulation allowing extremely low bolt force and eliminating kick
* Air buffered firing piston shoots smoother with less vibration
* Ultra-compact in-grip regulators reduce forward weight for improved balance
* Hose-free design eliminating common leak points
* Rechargeable lithium polymer battery powering the Impulse through approximately 100,000 shots per charge
* Hinged Vision eye covers open without tools for cleaning and aren’t easily lost because they stay attached to the marker
* Volume chamber fore-grip eliminates shoot-down
* Modular body design allowing for fast repairs and mix-and-match color styling
* Freak compatible barrel system accepts bore inserts for changing paint sizes
* Trigger based programming with modes for all major leagues and scenario use
* Q-Lock feedneck quickly clamps and adjusts to all high performance hoppers

"The keys to the new Impulse design are its valve and regulators." says Hans Semelsberger, Smart Parts’ Director of Technical Sales. "Most poppet valves are pushed closed by the air inside, so when the pressure is right for good efficiency, you have to hit them pretty hard to knock them open, and that shakes the gun, throwing off your aim. Our pressure balanced valve lets the air pressure push forward and backwards on the valve core at the same time. Those forces cancel each other out and the valve opens easily regardless of the pressure inside. It’s so soft, I can push it open with my little finger. Because the valve opens so easily, we are able to use two-stage regulation to drive the firing piston with very low pressure gas. That makes the Impulse gentle on paint, and lets it shoot without kick."

The new Impulse will be at PSP Chicago. I’ll be sure to get some pics the actual gun then.

New Impulse Specs and Pics - Paintball

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Paintball Headlines |Young Guns Tourney at PSP Chicago

Paintball Headlines

Young Guns Tourney at PSP Chicago

Posted: 23 May 2009 11:34 AM PDT

This tourney is FREE for players between the ages of 12-18 and that have no PSP or national level experience. Players will abide by modified PSP rules under the race to 2 format. Guns are capped at 8bps and players are allotted only 150 paintballs. Guns and paint will be supplied at the event. There is a 24 team max and teams must purchase at least 5 APPA id’s.

Young Guns Tourney
- FREE (Must purchase at least 5 id’s…that’s where they get ya)
- Ages 12-18
- Race to 2
- 8 BPS
- Hopper Ball
- 24 Team Cap

Young Guns Tourney at PSP Chicago - Paintball

Friday, May 22, 2009

Paintball Headlines | PSP Introduces New Divisions at Chicago 2009

Paintball Headlines

PSP Introduces New Divisions at Chicago 2009

Posted: 21 May 2009 09:00 PM PDT

DIV RaceTo-4 has been added for this event and will be an opportunity for teams to try the back-to-back point format of RaceTo-4. Only two D3 players will be allowed on a D4 roster.

Teams competing in DIV RaceTo-4 can register onsite at the event beginning on Tuesday, June 23rd. Competition will begin on Wednesday and run through Sunday. The first and second place teams will receive ½ off an entry fee for DIV RaceTo-4 at the 2009 World Cup! Prizes are non-transferrable and will only be valid for that event.

Classification Roster Size Game Time Max ROF Penalties
DIV 5 to 8 10 10bps 1-4-1’s & 2-4-1’s

The Chicago Open will also host DII RaceTo-2. This is the only division open to players that are also playing RaceTo-4 and RaceTo-5. Only one D1 player will be allowed per roster. No Semi-Pro or Pro players will be allowed. For classification purposes, this event will only count as D3.

Registration for DII RaceTo-2 will remain open until Friday, June 26th for those teams that just can’t get enough play time. Competition will run Saturday and Sunday.

Please note that while the DII RaceTo-2 preliminary rounds will not conflict with DII RaceTo-5 or DIII RaceTo-4, it is possible for later rounds to overlap with finals. No adjustments or refunds will be made for conflicting schedules resulting from players playing in both DII RaceTo-2 and another division.

PSP Introduces New Divisions at Chicago 2009 - Paintball

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Paintball Headlines

Paintball Headlines

Smart Parts Impulse Back Again

Posted: 18 May 2009 11:20 AM PDT


Looks like Smart Parts is planing on bringing back the Impulse. It is supposedly going to cost around $1000 and may resemble an Ego. It will be unveiled in Germany at Millennium and will be available for purchase to US players at PSP Chicago Open.

Smart Parts Impulse Back Again - Paintball

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Paintball Headlines

Paintball Headlines

2009 PSP Chicago Open Field Layout

Posted: 16 May 2009 07:23 PM PDT

A little late to the party for posting the field layout but here it is.



2009 PSP Chicago Open Field Layout - Paintball

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Paintball Headlines

Paintball Headlines

West Coast Open Hotel List

Posted: 15 May 2009 12:59 PM PDT

Residence Inn by Marriott Anaheim Hills Yorba Linda
125 South Festival Drive
Anaheim Hills, CA 92808
(714) 974 8880

· Located about 20 minutes from the US Paintball League's West Coast Open at SC Village.
· Closest airports are Santa Ana/John Wayne (SNA) at 19 miles away, Ontario (ONT) is 35 miles away and Los Angeles (LAX) is 45 miles away.
· Parking on-site is complimentary.
· This hotel has a smoke-free policy.
· Be sure to specify room type when booking

Special Group Rate: $85 per night plus tax
Call (714) 974 8880 and ask for the "Paintball" Group Rate

Hampton Inn Norco/Corona
1530 Hamner Avenue
Norco, CA 92860

- $90 per night for two queen beds
- located at the junction of I-15 and 91 Freeway
- only three miles from the event which is being hosted at SC Village

For Reservations call 951-279-1111 and ask for the "Paintball" rate or book online and use Group/Convention Code PAI to get this special rate and save!

West Coast Open Hotel List - Paintball

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Paintball Headlines | Virgina Big 1

Virgina Big 1

Posted: 05 May 2009 06:31 PM PDT


Paintball Virginia announces a pre-registration prize for the Virginia Big 1! Bart from Paintball Virginia, during the players’ meeting of The Phoenix Project, proclaims, “I will give away a new Tippmann TPX to one lucky player who pre-registers for the Virginia Big 1.”

The Virginia Big 1 will be held at Paintball Virginia in Danville on June 27th & 28th. The price to play for the weekend is only $35. This includes both HPA & CO2! The best thing about the Virginia Big 1 - it’s BYOP, no Monster Ball is allowed. The field, however, will have fresh paint available for a pre-registration price of $45 per case.

Pre-registration closes at 11:59 pm on Friday, June 19th. At which time, every player who has paid for their pre-registration will be entered into the drawing for the TPX. The drawing will take place at the players’ meeting on Saturday morning of the Virginia Big 1. Players need not be present to win. 100 players must be pre-registered for the TPX to be given away. If 100 players are not pre-registered, Paintball Virginia reserves the right to substitute another pre-registration prize.

For more information, visit , email, or call 434-713-8170. Paintball Virginia is a field in the process of building an empire. They are constantly adding bunkers and acreage to their field to make it a must-play field for all woodsball players.

Virgina Big 1 - Paintball

USPL West Coast Open

Posted: 05 May 2009 06:27 PM PDT

The US Paintball League’s next stop will be at the world famous SC Village in Corona, California for the West Coast Open July 24 - 26, 2009.

This Southern California event is the result of merging two originally scheduled events; the June Bay City Open event with the August West Coast Open. The July 24 - 26 date is late enough to avoid scheduling conflicts such as Father’s Day, Graduations and the 4th of July; yet early enough to allow kids to compete before having to return to school. This will also allow teams ample time to save up money and get some great practices in at their local fields prior to the event.

To ensure the level of professionalism and competition that comes along with a US Paintball League event is maintained, the league will be bringing in their very own NPPL turf to lay down as the playing surface for each field. NPPL PRO Refs and Rules will be in full effect and the Tradeshow will without a doubt satisfy all your mid-season paintball shopping needs. Paint will be available for purchase from the paint manufacturers on-site.

The West Coast Open will offer 7 man and 5 man play across the following divisions:
Professional 7 man
Division 1 7man
Division 2 7man
Division 3 7man
Division 3 5man

Summer Savings!
Pay for your team entry during the month of May and you can save $350! The US Paintball League will be rewarding early birds with a discount of up to $350 off full entry for teams who pay in May or up to $175 off for teams who pay in June. Registration is now open at - with entry fees as low as $950, you can’t afford to miss this National event, so register your team today and save!

USPL West Coast Open - Paintball

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Paintball Headlines | Issue SplatXD

Issue #12 SplatXD

Posted: 04 May 2009 02:07 PM PDT

MAO Scores

Posted: 04 May 2009 08:30 AM PDT

Pro RaceTo - 7
1st - Los Angeles Ironmen
2nd - Philadelphia Americans
3rd - Tampa Bay Damage
4th - Dynasty

Semi-Pro RaceTo - 7
1st - Aftermath II
2nd - RNT Allstarz
3rd - Sacramento XSV
4th - Vicious

DI RaceTo - 5
1st - Seattle CDR
2nd - TBD Fierce
3rd - Cross Eyed Paintball
4th - Palm Beach Venom

DII RaceTo - 5
1st - Team Unlimited
2nd - Cross Eyed Paintball Grey
3rd - Total Karnage
4th - Palm Beach Vipers Black

DIII RaceTo - 4
1st - Boom
2nd - No Limit
3rd - Wired
4th - Nor*Car Hype

DIII RaceTo - 2
1st - Inertia
2nd - WiseGuys
3rd - Tyranny
4th - CV aka East Coast Bullfighters

DIV RaceTo - 2

1st - Coalition
2nd- Amped
3rd - Team Unlimited
4th - Cincinnati Devastation Black

MAO Scores - Paintball

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Paintball Headlines | PSP Has A New Look

PSP Has A New Look

Posted: 01 May 2009 02:06 PM PDT


PSP has a new look for their website and has been debuted with the start of MAO. It is supposed to be more user friendly.

PSP Has A New Look - Paintball