Thursday, August 31, 2006


01 Silicone is out and woven rubber is in. The Invision rubber retention strap system needs to be adjusted once and once only. Designed to fit your head and stay that way--like it should.
02 Unilateral, audibly efficient ear protection. Provides three-dimensional hearing.
03 The anatomically correct Invision mask system offers the best of comfort and performance for the player. Tested at twice the current ASTM impact standards for safety. Good protection is key.
04 Self venting, low profile and removable. The Invision visor is adjustable vertically to provide maximum shade over your eyes. It also looks cool and provides forehead protection.
05 The first compound radius lens in the world of paintball. Giving the player the ultimate vertical and horizontal peripheral vision. All Invision lenses have perfect optical clarity, setting a new standard in visual performance.
06 A revolutionary, anatomically correct, low profile fit to your face. A first for the paintball industry. The Invision goggle frame is molded from tear-resistant polyurethane and is designed for maximum flow-through ventilation.
07 Combined with a secure goggle, the patent pending multi directional venting drastically reduces re-ventilated fogging. The multi-directional venting also assists you with voice projection.


A design that is equaled by none, the DYE patent pending Forward Tab Retention System (FTRS) is the most secure system of its kind. It is the only lens-goggle system that is low profile, with no extruding edges, delivering safety and clean looking style. The Forward Tab Retention System (FTRS) securely locks the lens into the frame under the most severe impacts.

DYE’s Three Stage Foam combines three different foam materials with three distinctive foam densities. DYE Invision foam offers you fit and non-absorption comfort, utilizing combined open and closed cell foam technology. Three Stage Foam is specifically designed to “sheet” sweat and moisture away from your face, providing an undeniably resilient boundary between your eyes and perspiration

Monday, August 28, 2006

Angel A-1

Angel A-1 $1,375.95CDN

The result of over 10 year's experience in the manufacture and refinement of the Angel's original design - the Angel 1 is without doubt the finest Angel ever made.

The Angel 1's size and weight have been significantly reduced without compromising the design and performance features to which discerning Angel owners have become so accustomed.

Externally the Angel's 3 bore design has been retained albeit in a substantially slimmed down package. This 3 bore design and the Angel 1's subtle form give away it's roots, but that is where the similarities end.

A total design process has resulted in every single internal part being engineered to create the Angel 1's complete performance package.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Empire Fast Pack Yellow


Empire Fast Pack Yellow

FAST PACK The Fast Pack� was specifically designed with X-Ball in mind, not that you can't wear it during other types of play, but if you are playing X-ball, why aren't you wearing an X-ball harness? This harness is used by top X-ball teams such as NXL's Oakland Assassins, Los Angeles Infamous, Portland Naughty Dogs and the Boston Red Legion. Quick-load elastic straps and hideaway pod restraints because we know during a game every second counts. Empire gives you the edge. New for 2006, a rear neo-stretch pod cover to protect your pods. By popular demand we added a 7 pod fast pack to the join the fast pack family! This pack is so slim and lightweight you won't even realize you're wearing one. Central reinforcing support bars Collapsible design; as you pull out and use tubes, the harness actually shrinks to your profile. Easy Load micro injected pull tabs The snug form-fitting design allows for unhindered mobility. No-slip rubber lumbar pad to lock this pack in place. Breathable air mesh construction, because running around in 90 degree weather with goggles on is hot enough.

List Price: $49.99
Our Price:$32.99
You Save: $17.00 (34%)

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Thursday, August 17, 2006



Redz International, a leader in supplying high-quality paintball products ergonomically designed for the sport of paintball, announces a new member of its Hard Partz line, in the form of two different triggers for the Ion(r) platform.

The new triggers demonstrate Redz_ dedication to the quality and functionality of its Hard Partz line, with the following must-have features:

-Dual high-quality ball bearing pivots give a smooth, effortless trigger pull
-Milled rounded edges provide a comfortable touch
-Made using a lightweight composite material that allows for a faster trigger cycle
-Four adjustments: Forward-stop, pull-stop, trigger switch and magnetic return a full range of adjustability so players can dial in their own settings
-Both shapes (smooth and grooved) were designed for a fluid, fast trigger pull and return
-Fits all Smart Parts Ions(r)

Carmen "The Angry" Borgia, VP of Redz says, "Redz design team and Hard Partz Division is kickin' butt. We are aggressively pumping more and more high-quality Hard Partz. Any paintball player would be proud to use them on their marker. I am getting flooded with e-mails and phone calls from customers, dealers, and tournament players, telling us how much they really appreciate the new additions to the line (I love it when a plan comes together). Redz' mission continues to hit its goals and targets our manufacturing foot is on the accelerator with no brake pedal in sight."

See the new Triggers and the entire product line in person at the NPPL Boston event, starting July 21.

Redz shifts into high gear, arriving at the next level with a new standard of quality for paintball equipment. Redz products are designed for the entry-level player all the way to the seasoned professional, and continually demonstrate that comfort, quality and style are a winning recipe. View all of Redz International's products online via its newly designed web presence at or call 877.873.3432 for more information.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Stolen marker recovered at Central Florida Paintball

At this year's Tampa NPPL, Team 68 Caliber player Antonio “727 Hitman” Braccili fell victim to a thief. His 2005 Dynasty Shocker was taken from his gearbag while he was out on the field competing. The 15 year old had spent the previous summer working for his father's construction company to earn the cash to pay for the marker.

All too often players lose thousands of dollars in gear to thieves who prowl major events looking for equipment to steal. Every organized league has this problem, and in many cases vendors are hit just as hard as players. In the case of Braccili's Shocker, it was reported to the NPPL immediately upon discovering the theft and he finished the event using a borrowed GZ Intimidator.

As it turned out, the marker never left Florida, and was recovered this past weekend at Central Florida Paintball in Lakeland, Florida. Braccili was practicing with Team Sentinels, and he noted a Jacksonville Raider holding a blue Dynasty Shocker. He walked up to the player, later revealed to be a new addition to the Raider's D1 squad and asked to take a look at it. Braccili was shocked to see that the serial number on the marker was the same as his stolen Dynasty. LP, Brian and Trevor (who had possession of the marker) immediately handed the marker to Central Florida Paintball's John Smith and Smith called the Lakeland Police to investigate. D/S Smith of the Lakeland Police currently has possession of the marker as evidence.

The current story unfolding is that Trevor was trying out the Dynasty to see if it was something he wanted to trade his Intimidator for. Since he'd just made the Jacksonville Raiders D1 squad, he needed to have a Smart Parts marker to comply with their sponsorship agreement with Smart Parts. He was contemplating the trade with CFP local, who'd traded his DM5 for the Dynasty with yet another player, who allegedly swapped for the marker while at Tampa. At this point the CFP local can prove ownership of the DM5 he swapped the Dynasty for, and we would imagine that he'll be getting that marker back. At some point someone's going to be out a marker, and we would assume that that person is going to be the thief.

While the Dynasty Shocker in question has been partially cannibalized, it's still fully functioning and as the investigation progresses it'll be returned to Braccili in due course. As a general rule, property taken in thefts are very rarely recovered, especially with paintball gear, which more often than not doesn't have a serial number to provide traceability. This story has a happy ending because the stolen property was recovered, thanks mainly to Jacksonville Raiders' newest addition and field owner John Smith. We would like to thank LP, Brian, Trevor and John for all their help in this matter, and commend them for their honesty.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Professional Paintball Teams

Paintball has many professional players and teams and many of them have become extremely successful and have gained fame around the paintball world. Some of the professional teams are:
  • Anaheim Sedition (NPPL)
  • Arsenal A-Team (NPPL)
  • Baltimore Trauma (NXL)
  • Chicago Evil (NPPL)
  • Chicago Aftershock (NXL)
  • DC Arsenal (NPPL)
  • Detroit Strange (NXL)
  • Las Vegas LTZ (NXL)
  • Los Angeles Ironmen (NXL/NPPL)
  • Los Angeles Infamous (NPPL)
  • London Nexus (NPPL)
  • London Tigers (NPPL)
  • Miami Raiders (NXL)
  • Miami Rage (NPPL)
  • Montreal Nrg (WPL)
  • New England Hurricanes (NPPL)
  • New York NRG (NPPL)
  • New York Xtreme (NXL)
  • Oakland Empire (NPPL)
  • OC Bushwackers (NPPL)
  • Oakland Assassins (NXL/NPPL)
  • Philadelphia Americans (NXL/NPPL)
  • Portland Naughty Dogs (NXL/NPPL)
  • Boston Red Legion (NXL)
  • Sacramento Excessive aka XSV (NXL/NPPL)
  • San Diego Dynasty (NXL/NPPL)
  • San Diego Legacy (NXL)
  • St. Louis Avalanche (NPPL)
  • Stockholm Joy Division (NPPL)
  • Texas Storm (NPPL)
  • Ultimate (NXL)