Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paintball Headlines

Paintball Headlines

DYE Launches Snow Site

Posted: 29 Mar 2011 02:01 PM PDT

I guess the rumors have turned out to be true. Dye is launching a snowboarding line of gear. Gear will be available this fall. So far, team DYEsnow consists of Ville Uotilla, Markus Malin, and Ilkka Laari.

Looks like I’m probably going to be buying new snowboarding gear this fall.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Paintball Headlines

Paintball Headlines

Need a Gun Manual… Can Help

Posted: 24 Mar 2011 11:07 AM PDT contains hundreds of marker manuals and board/chip manuals, spanning 10 years. The site is simple to use. All you have to do is look on the right side of the page and find the company of your marker then simply pick out which marker you own. It’s real convenient that they have included board/chip manuals with the marker manual pages.

They also have a list of local tech centers and a list of local stores, although the store list is still a work in progress (email them at addmystore (at) proedgepaintball (dot) com to get your store added to the list.)

I also noticed that they do not have a manual up for Luxe. is brought to you by ProEdgePaintball. If you’re ever in Houston, TX, stop by the store.

Pro Edge Paintball
14916 NW Freeway
Houston, TX 77040

Tuesday-Friday 11:30am – 7:30pm
Saturday 9:30am – 6:30pm

Register for NPPL Chicago

Posted: 24 Mar 2011 10:41 AM PDT

You can register for NPPL Chicago HERE.

NEPL New NPPL Feeder Series

Posted: 24 Mar 2011 10:38 AM PDT

Sunday, March 20, 2011

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Paintball Headlines

Planet Eclipse Artifact Episode 6

Posted: 19 Mar 2011 10:38 AM PDT

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Paintball Headlines

Paintball Headlines

Hooters Girls in the VIP at HB

Posted: 18 Mar 2011 12:45 PM PDT

Hooters will be in VIP section at the Surf City Open. VIP tickets can purchased on the NPPL website.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Paintball Headlines

Paintball Headlines

PSP Chicago Confirmed

Posted: 17 Mar 2011 10:47 AM PDT

PSP Chicago will be June 23-26, 2011 at CPX Sports Park.

2903 Schweitzer Rd. in Joliet, Illinois

The Chicago event is an extended event; games starting on Thursday and trade show and check-in starting on Wednesday.

Professional RaceTo-7 (Fri – Sun only)
D1 RaceTo-5 (Thurs – Sun)
D2 RaceTo-5 (Thurs – Sun)
D3 RaceTo-4 (Thurs – Sun)
D4 RaceTo-4 (Thurs – Sun)
D3 RaceTo-2 (Fri – Sun only)
D4 RaceTo-2 (Fri – Sun only)
D3 RaceTo-2 (Sat and Sun only)
D4 RaceTo-2 (Sat and Sun only)

As with all PSP events, teams will be able to bring their own paint so long as RPS, Procaps or GI Sportz manufactures it. These companies will also be selling paint on-site for teams traveling in. Please use the following contact information to pre-order your paint:

GI Sportz: Email
Procaps: Call Megan Farrell at 877-722-5590 Ext. 7802
RPS: Contact your sales rep or Nina Walsh at (800) PAINBALL ext. 228

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paintball Headlines

Paintball Headlines

PSP Galveston Wrap-up

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 10:25 AM PDT

The PSP season opener was this past weekend and it was in Galveston, TX for the first time. The event was great, great weather, great location, spring breakers and making it to Sunday. It was sunny for most of the event with the exception of Sunday morning, a bit cloudy. The temperature was typically high of low 70′s and low of 50′s. The hotels were all less than a 10 minute drive and were decently spacious. The island of Galveston was very receptive of the event; local business were welcoming paintballers and selling food and drinks at the event. The spot of the event was about a block or 1/4 mile from the beach which is the local field, GI Paintball. Also, for the first time that I’ve seen, A BEER BOOTH!

As usual, the first event doesn’t have that many vendors attend. The vendors that were there were Planet Eclipse, Virtue, Critical, Derder, Understood, Valken, Guerilla Air, HK/PBFashion, Custom Products, Avid Extreme Sports on behalf of Empire, Procaps, Dye, Gangster Paintball, Ninja, KM, and Trade my Gun. Critical was there showing off their new stealth pack, which I have to say is rather nice. I wish I picked one up to try. Guerrilla Air was pushing their new G2 reg and had a raffle giving one away. Virtue started making event jerseys which were $80. The cool thing about the jerseys is that they were made on the spot, and when I say made on the spot I mean the chest logo was heat pressed at the booth when you bought your jersey. Understood had an event shirt as well. Their shirt was very popular seeing as it sold out by Saturday afternoon. Since Understoond didn’t anticipate the popularity of their event shirt, they are making a second run of the shirt in the next week of so. It was shocking not to see the Empire truck there and that Avid was there only to sell Empire clothes.

A good item to look into getting is the new Planet Eclipse gun bag. It costs $25 and I think it’s a lot better than the Dye gun bag and the gatwrap from Understood. The PE gun bag has more room for your gun than the gatwrap and has better barrel organization. There are slots for 5 barrel pieces. The PE gun bag is smaller than the Dye gun bag because the Dye gun bag can carry 2 guns but 2 PE guns bags still takes up less room in your gearbag than 1 Dye gun bag, plus you double your barrel storage with 2 PE bags. The PE gun bag also has another pouch for storing allen keys, spare parts, or lube. The bag comes in two colors; dig-E-camo and chatter.

Unfortunately, not everything went well at the event. GI Sportz, the “best” paint a world cup did not shoot well for many teams in the morning and some in the afternoon. People were complaining of too many bounces, barrel breaks, and hopper jamming. This was happening with both grades of paint, 3-star and 4-star. Apparently my team is the only team that had a good experience with the paint on Friday and Saturday afternoon. On Sunday, of all days, the paint decides to shoot like crap for us. We experienced the badness of the GI paint; some teammates and I got hopper jams in a rotor and prophecy, others were getting barrel breaks, and we were all noticing that the paint was not breaking on the competition.

Another mishap at the event was that a local Texan decided to have himself shopping spree courtesy of other player’s gearbags. This guy stole gearbag(s) from behind the KM booth. I was actually at the KM booth when the figured out it was him. The scene was actually quite uneventful. Some people recognized him and the KM staff called the cops and PSP staff, 10-15 minutes later he was escorted out by police and PSP staff. For a while, people were claiming that his entire team was stealing stuff from the event but he has said that he acted alone in the theft and that his team should not be accused of stealing. He is no longer a part of that team.

PSP Galveston was an incredible event and I hope PSP decides to have it there again.

Pictures are posted on Facebook

Videos of pro matches are on the PSP youtube channel

Hurry and Pay for Huntington Beach

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 09:22 AM PDT

The NPPL HB is Over Sold!

The NPPL Surf City USA Open Huntington Beach Event is Over Sold for April 1st-3rd. Teams that are registered and not paid need to pay as soon as possible in order to guarantee a spot to play in the best event of the year! The NPPL has placed a team cap on each division as shown below:

Professionals: 16

Division 1 7 Man: 9

Division 2 7 Man: 27

Division 3 7 Man: 36

Division 4 5 Man: 27

Pump: 16

The NPPL Surf City USA Open will be filmed live on ESPN3. Pay today and guarantee team listing on the official Surf City USA Open T-shirt. Only confirmed teams will be added to the event T shirt.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paintball Headlines

Paintball Headlines

PSP Galveston Results

Posted: 14 Mar 2011 01:54 PM PDT

This past weekend was PSP Galveston. It was near the perfect weekend for paintball; great weather, sunshine, and the beach. Shout out to my boys on Outbreak TX. We played well for our first time playing x-ball.

1st – Dynasty
2nd – Red Legion
3rd – Infamous
4th – Damage

1st – Total Karnage Orlando
2nd – upTon 187 Crew
3rd – T1 Topgun Union
4th – HuSTLe

1st – Grad
2nd – Static
3rd – D.C. Monstars
4th – Distortion

1st – Revo
2nd – LA Heat
3rd – PR1ME
4th – Detroit Action

1st – Richmond United
2nd – Central Florida Paintball
3rd – MOmentum

D3 5-man:
1st – LA Swat
2nd – Richmond Rage
3rd – FATE
4th – CO Ascent 2

D4 5-man:
1st – Avid Extreme Sports Militia
2nd – LSD II
3rd – Brutality Red
4th – Valley Paintball

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Paintball Headlines

Paintball Headlines

PSP Galveston Jerseys

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 10:29 AM PST

For this event Virtue will be debuting a limited run of PSP Galveston jerseys in addition to the event t-shirts.

No price has been released but from the look of the jersey, I would say that the price for one of these jerseys would be around $60-$75.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Paintball Headlines

Paintball Headlines

Last Day for Empire Sponsorship Applications

Posted: 04 Mar 2011 01:35 PM PST

Today is the last day to send in applications for Empire’s Sponsored Like a Pro program. The only requirements to apply for this sponsorship is that your team be at least 5 members and that your local store be an authorized dealers for KEE.

Apply Here

Monkey Butt Samples for PSP Players

Posted: 04 Mar 2011 01:25 PM PST

The term monkey butt typically means an uncomfortable situation in which your sweat mixes with your chaffed butt. The product monkey butt is meant to prevent or relieve this predicament.

Monkey butt is a talcum and calamine based powder that absorbs sweat and reduces friction. It works quickly so that you can perform better and feel a lot more comfortable.

PSP players get free samples of monkey butt in their team packets when they register/check-in at the event. The samples will be given at all events starting in Galveston.

Authorized dealers for Monkey Butt: Ace Hardware, Rite Aid, Wal Mart, Meijer, Sam’s, Northern, Tractor Supply