Tuesday, October 31, 2006


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V-GEAR™ is designed for the tournament professional and weekend warrior alike. They offer unprecedented levels of comfort and versatility at prices that won't make you see red or feel blue. Best of all they are made here in the USA and are guaranteed to last forever.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Tight knit mesh pouch makes them light and airy and easy to clean
  • EXCLUSIVE: Duroplex™ Backing with Twice-Over Belt™ offers great support
  • EXCLUSIVE: Double wide velcro closures on pouches make them easy to CLOSE
  • EXCLUSIVE: Grip loops on the hard to reach pouches make them easier to OPEN
  • EXCLUSIVE: Pouch design will fit any 150-round tube or the Snapp™ Speed Loader
  • Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    2007 Model Cyborg Announced

    For Immediate Release:
    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    As expected, MacDev designers have been working on a 2007 model of the Cyborg marker. The 07 Cyborg is tentatively set for release in December 2006, or early January 2007.

    Designers have released a list of extra features that they intend to work into the 07 Cyborg:

    • A reduction in overall marker height
    • Increased milling/lighter body
    • Increased speed
    • 07 spec electronic hardware and software
    • 07 Gladiator
    • New solenoid
    • 07 spec detents
    • 07 spec LPR
    • 07 RED valve

    Clearly, designers expect the 07 Cyborg to be lighter, smaller and faster than previous models. It will also have some improved functionality and reliability with new regulators, solenoid and electronics.

    The 07 Cyborg will include more features and workmanship than previous model Cyborgs, it will also be packaged with more accessories. For this reason, it is expected that the cost of the 07 Cyborg will be higher than previous Cyborg models.

    A definite release date for the 07 Cyborg will be determined as design/production permits.

    Please click on these CAD models to see a larger conceptual model.

    The 07 will be bundled with a Sonic ASA and plumbing - not shown in the CAD drawings.

    Sunday, October 08, 2006

    Free Young-Gun Paint

    Proto Paintball is donating one case of their Proto
    Paint to every registered Young Guns team. Plus
    special discounts for additional paint.The XPSL
    Young Guns division is made up of 3-player teams
    and all players must be born on January 1, 1990
    or later and can’t have any National Level
    tournament experience.
    Gray Shows from Proto paintball said: "The players that play Young Guns
    are the future of the sport.Proto is proud to be a part of their tournament
    experience and will help as much as possible to encourage these players
    throughout their paintball career."
    The 2nd XPSL event in Santa Clara, California is shaping up to be an
    awesome event. Registration is now open for 3-player Young Guns
    teams and also 7-player Rookie, Novice and Amateur teams.
    More information about Proto Paintball www.protopaintball.com
    Find out more info about the XPSL at www.xpsl.com or
    call 503-370-8749 or email shawn@xpsl.com

    Friday, October 06, 2006

    Redz Drops Arsenal

    Redz International has optioned the right to void its sponsorship contract with D.C. Arsenal and all other Arsenal-affiliated teams. According to a press release issued by Redz, the decision was based on multiple violations of the signed legal contract during the course of the 2006 tournament year.

    Redz VP Carmen "The Angry" Borgia said, "When you invest in something, you expect a return. When you don't get the return, then it's time to start questioning the "party" you invested in. So, I had to remove Redz from the equation... Being a team player involves respect, loyalty, open-mindedness, commitment, and a desire to better yourself and those around you. When some or all of those things are missing, it becomes impossible to be the best you can be. The teams that we do sponsor will already have these guidelines chiseled in their heart."

    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    How to Bunker Kings

    Get the timing down to know when to take over the throne.

    Everyone who plays paintball wants to be a bunker king andjoin the ranks of
    superstars like Markus Neilson, Chris Lasoya, and Oliver Lang. Bunker kings
    are the people you hear about who make the key bunkerings, run-throughs,
    and game-breaking moves during games, moves that set them apart from the
    rest of the field. You do not just become a bunker king overnight. It takes a
    lifetime of experience, extraterrestrial senses, winning the lotto, and years of
    practice to be lucky enough to earn that rank. Since king status is so hard to
    earn, I made up my own category for the less fortunate people, like myself
    (sorta), who have not yet mastered their domain. I call it bunker queen status,
    for all of those folks who need work on bunkering and aspire to be kings.
    So you finally sack up and want to get past bunker queen status? Well I’m here
    to help and give some advice on some of the things that will help you get there,
    and let you in on some tips from my team, Team Avalanche. Whether you are
    a front guy looking for that game-breaking move, a mid guy taking out a key
    person, or a slow back guy looking for your one chance at glory, these simple
    tips will add another dimension to your game.

    When I think about bunkering, there are five major areas that come to my mind

    that are necessary if one is to complete a successful bunker move.
    They are:
    1. Recognizing the bunker move.
    2. Setting up the move.
    3. Timing the move.
    4. Executing the move.
    5.Following through after the move.

    These five areas should be thought about before you do any bunker move and
    it should never take more than a couple of seconds, sometimes even quicker, to
    think of all these things. Now you can go from the one-handed bunkering newbie
    who makes all the people on the sideline go, “WOW, what an idiot!” to that person
    who makes everyone say, “Wow, that move was sick as hell.”