Sunday, December 21, 2008


’m sure many of you have heard the rumors that the PSP will be reducing the rate of fire for each division. From the information that I have gathered, there is no official number for the rate of fire but it will definitely be lowered. The rumored RoF’s for Pro & Semi Pro; 12bps, D1-D3 10bps, D4-D5 8bps.

The following was was taken from PBNation from a post by Lane Wright, guy who runs PSP.

“First, I want to clear up the “ignorant” comment. I meant ignorant as it is defined — unaware because of a lack of relevant information or knowledge

If you’re me to present you with the “numbers” of other companies in order to gain your trust, that isn’t something that I can do.

I can give you this number — a group of people who contribute 1.1 million into our 2.4 million dollar operating budget say they want a lower ROF. When it gets right down to it, that’s the basis of the decision.

I agree with their interpretation of THEIR numbers and why this is what they want. I also recognize that above and beyond what they pay PSP, they put additional millions into the teams. What they want is paramount in what I do going forward. It has to be.

You are correct that I should probably “act” a little more professional. But it would be just that - an act. I’m not professional. I don’t pretend to be professional. Honestly, I don’t think it is either one of the more important or more highly regarded qualities needed to do my job well.

I don’t dress professionally. I don’t look professional. I don’t act professional. I’m not a professional. I am a paintball player who happens to get into a position to make decisions for PSP.

The rate of fire is going to be lowered. That is an absolute fact.

You guys can talk about it, complain about it, discuss the heck out of it. But the fact remains, I believe that the best thing to do for all involved is to lower the ROF.

I didn’t make this decision one night at dinner. This has been discussed and thought about for months.

I have information that isn’t, nor is it going to be, available to the masses. That’s just the way it is.

The game will still be fun for just about everyone. The best teams will still win. The best players will still be the best players. Tournament paintball will go on. Next year no one will be complaining about this. 5 years from now, no one will even remember this. I have been through dozens and dozens of changes that “everyone” said exactly this same type stuff about. Just about every one of those decisions was a good decision.

The 2 that i think were wrong –

Separating the NXL from everything.
Increasing the rate of fire because we had the technology.

Both are being corrected (my opinion).”

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Empire Prophecy Loader Timed Assembly

Empire Prophecy Loader Timed Assembly

New NXE Gear

Nxe has branhed into the scenario market with their new line, Extraktion. The Extraktion series uses the MOLLE loop system which allows players to customize their gear to better adapt their missions.




Friday, November 14, 2008

Team Dynasty Update

On Thursday Alex, Ryan and Yosh hung out at Bay Area Paintball, near the San Francisco airport. This was a private event for members of the video game media who got to play live paintball and the new video game (Championship Paintball 2009) with Dynasty. MTV News and IGN were there along with numerous other video game magazines and websites.

The media played "6 on 6" while Alex, Ryan, and Yosh coached them. After a few hours of the media honing their skills, Alex, Ryan and Yosh played them in a "3 on 12" match that the Dynasty boys won in about 15 seconds. That game was followed by a "2 on 12" which took about 30 seconds with the Dynasty players defeating the media again. To close out the live paintball play, Alex was challenged to a "1 on 12" that he won in just under a minute�only after someone missed him from only a few feet away.

After some rest, the visiting media and members of Team Dynasty got in front of the monitors to play the highly anticipated Championship Paintball 2009 game before its release next week. Everyone enjoyed themselves and are very excited about the new video game. You can watch the high definition trailer for the game here or the standard definition trailer here.

All members of the media went home with full sets of gear and a case of paint courtesy of JT USA, Dynasty, and Activision.

We are looking forward to the Commanders' Cup here in San Diego this weekend - hope to see you in person at Qualcomm or on the webcast!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mother Russia

One4one has released part 1 of 4 of its movie about NXL team, the Russian Legion. This documentary was filmed and made in 2005 and is now finally available for public viewing. One4one also has a mini site dedicated to this film.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dye Matrix DM8 Paintball Marker

Dye Matrix DM8 Paintball Marker - Details

New for 2008, the DM8 has a host of features, updates, and refinements . We have utilized our resources of professional players, designers, and engineers to come up with the best marker yet in the DM series . The DM8 continues the tradition of being one of the lightest, smallest, fastest and certainly the most accurate of paintball markers in the world . To improve on an already reliable design, the DM8 has no eyeplates . This is possible with the new internal patent-pending Eye Pipe anti-chop sensing system . This new design eliminates the need for eyeplates and allows us to reduce the width of the marker body, ultimately reducing the weight by 1 .5oz . The new micro LPR has been reduced in size and now provides more efficient shot consistency . On top of this, we are introducing the all new Hyper3 regulator . The Hyper3 is smaller, more consistent, and adjusts more precisely allowing you to set your pressure in finer increments . All of these innovations, coupled with new 3D body styling, standard features like the patent pending Ultralite frame and 2 piece barrel, give perfection a new meaning

# Ultralight Barrel - Accuracy at its finest, the standard Ultralite 14 inch barrel.
# ON/OFF - The DM8's integrated on/off air supply allows you to de-gas your marker at any time. Also includes the Airport On/Off that is perfectly balanced for an easy twist.
# HYPER3 - The new Hyper3 regulator is a smaller diameter with higher flow. This new design is more consistent and more precisely adjustable. The new Hyper3 also features an ergonomic Sticky Grip Sleeve providing a more comfortable, textured fore grip.
# LOW PRESSURE - The low 145 psi operating pressure provides smooth operating performance with less shot bounce.
# NO EYEPLATES - The DM8 features an all new internal patent-pending Eye Pipe anti-chop sensing system that is self cleaning, providing trouble free high rate of fire. Also, the ball detents have been upgraded to a new magnetic system that is softer on paint. This new design has allowed us to eliminate the need for eyeplates.
# UL GRIP FRAME - The DM8 is the proud owner of the world's lightest, most compact and comfortable 45 grip frame available. The patent pending hour-glass design allows for a sleeker profile, while heads-up display lights alert you to the status of your gun, without having to take your eyes off the game.
# LEGAL SOFTWARE - PSP and NPPL tournament legal software.
# ROLLER BEARING TRIGGER - Completely adjustable trigger design allows you to customize your trigger position and refraction point. Trigger roller bearing inserts give the trigger stability and a smooth swing return.
# ULTRALITE - The weight of the DM8 has been reduced by 1.5 ounces.
# ULTRALITE STICKY3 GRIP - Ultralite Sticky3 grip is standard and provides an anatomically correct fit to your hand. It is co-molded with a tacky rubber grip and hard plastic under-frame. The all new Hyper3 also features the same tacky rubber.
# LED CONTROL - High intensity LED provides identification to program functions. The DM8 has an all new heads-up display light which alerts you to the status of your gun, while still being able to focus on the game.
# METAL POWER BUTTONS - Our metal/rubber button pad features large buttons that can easily be used while wearing gloves. Stainless steel buttons are guaranteed not to fail.
# IMPROVED FUSE BOLT - The improved removable one-piece Fuse bolt system operates at 145psi, has greater air flow and is more efficient. We have also improved the bumper system used in the Fuse bolt, offering greater reliability.
# INTERNAL LPR - The modular internal LPR is even smaller and provides more efficient shot consistency and quality.
# CAM LOCK FEED NECK - Low profile locking feed port with adjustable cam lock neck allows you to use your choice of hopper and secure it firmly to the DM8.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Proto SLG informative video released


DYE Precision Incorporated Releases Video of SLG Paintball Marker.


San Diego, California (January 22, 2008) - DYE Precision Incorporated today released an informative video of their highly acclaimed Proto SLG paintball marker. The video highlights some of the exceptional features of the SLG that makes it such a sought after marker.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Championship Paintball 2009 - Official Trailer

World premiere of the offical Activision Championship Paintball 2009 trailer. In stores November 18th, 2008 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PS2 and Nintendo Wii

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Marq Rapper

Review By Bryan Cardis

When i first picked up the Rapper i noticed right off the bat it was one of the lightest markers i have ever picked up. From top to bottom this gun looks amazing. The no rise wedge feed sits a total of about an inch and a half above the top of the gun for the lowest profile marker i have used. The regulator is set up for easy adjustment and very consistent velocity and the swivel-top makes for convenient placement of macro line fitting. The LPR is hidden in between the grip frame and body for a sleeker look. The LPR adjustment point is located between the grip frame and inline regulator.

The eye covers on either side of the marker are easy to get into for cleaning of the eyes and detents, the rapper comes standard with a 2eye anti chop system but is ready for the 4eye upgrade. With the four eye set up most people think that they have a second set in case one gets dirty,this is not true. The first set located at the top of the breach is more of a warning system, telling the board that the ball is on its way to the second set that is located at the bottom of the breach. For the most part i can tell that with 2 eyes i chopped when i was down to the last few shoots, The four eye upgrade took that eliminated that problem.

When you pick up a Marq the first thing you may think of is a spool valve marker like a Shocker, but when you open this thing up you will see that it works like a Timmy. The "inline poppet valve system" is just that, located in the back of the valve is the rammer that is a long stem that runs through the poppet and connects to the bolt. The solenoid is manifold mounted and there is only one hose that runs from the the ASA to the LPR.

I have to say that Bob long has designed another step in the evolution in Paintball with the Marq line of Paintball markers. The Marq Rapper with its unique milling and light weight body design makes this a marker that should be on the top of every ballers wish list.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Paintball : NPPL Jacksonville 08

Paintball all the way at the NPPL Jacksonville event. Pro paintball finals of the tournament with Escondido Aftermath facing off Golden State Ironmen. Check it out !

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Paintball Video

This i mix some paintball video

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Paintball Field Layouts for Huntington Beach NPPL 2008

Nice and early, the NPPL is pleased to release the paintball field layouts for this year's NPPL Huntington Beach event.

To make it easier for teams to walk fields and to reduce the number of field layouts each team will need to practice, the NPPL will be using 3 different layouts at each event. In Huntington Beach, the NPPL field and Angel field will share the same layout, the Spyder field and Chronic field will have the same layout and the JT field and Eclipse field will be sharing a layout as well.

Two new shapes have been added to the NPPL Fields for 2008, the cake and the maya.

Click on the links below to view each Paintball Field Layout (please note, the Pros and Semi Pros will be playing on Center Court and the Spyder field).

NPPL Center Court
Top View 3D View

Paintball Field 2 - Spyder
Paintball Field Layouts for Huntington Beach NPPL 2008
Paintball Field Layouts for Huntington Beach NPPL 2008

Paintball Field 3 - JT
Top View 3D View

Paintball Field 4 - Angel
Top View 3D View

Paintball Field 5 - Chronic
Top View 3D View

Paintball Field 6 - Planet Eclipse
Top View 3D View

NPPL Kicks off the 2008 Season in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach NPPL 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Paintball Minigun In The Works

Paintball Minigun In The Works - Watch today’s top amazing videos here
I wouldn't want to be the one staring down the barrel of this monster... i hope to get it working soon plz give 5 stars so i can get the money to finish it if you have... More» any suggestion plz comment as well

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trevor S. Paintball Skirmish

New paintball video :Playing paintball at stinger

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Spyder RS Series

The Spyder RS will run on Co2 similar to other entry level markers, but more efficiently with the Rapid Charge Inline Regulator. Operational at 300 PSI the RS runs at a fairly low working pressure reducing premature paintball breaks from air impacting the surface of a paintball. "SE Technology" or Synergy Engineered Technology products can utilize either Co2 or Compressed Air as a propellant. Manipulation of the air pressure through the Fast Charge Inline Regulator provides the RS with a steady air flow for consistent shot to shot velocity even at extremely high rates of fire.
1) Fast Charge Inline Regulator
2) Vented Pressure Relief On/Off CA Adapter
3) Break Beam Anti-Chop Eye System
4) Twist Lock Clamping Feedneck

Available in stores March 1st, 2008

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What to Look For In Paintballs

If you want to shoot well, make sure your paintballs don't hold you back. A good paintball will be perfectly round, have no visible line between the halves of the shell and be free of dimples or any misshaping. Warped, irregular or dimpled paint will wreak havoc on your accuracy, so to shoot well, you'll probably have to pay for it. If your paint is too brittle it will break in your chamber or the barrel which will ruin your accuracy. Typically, the newer your paintballs, the better they perform.

Beyond accuracy, you want a paintball that will rarely break in your gun but will usually break on your target.In the last few years, many manufacturers have created recipes for high-quality paintballs but if you test a brand of paint and experience a lot of bounces, it may be time to try something new.

As a general rule, the more you spend on paint, the better quality it is, though I have seen cheaper paint that works really well. Ideally, you should experiment with several different brands and find the best paintballs for your budget.

One other thing to keep in mind is that different brands of paint shoot differently in different paintball guns. For example, some guns can shoot practice paint perfectly while others really need some high-end paint if they want to be consistently accurate. Additionally, different batches of paint from the same company sometimes perform differently, so finding the perfect paint can sometimes depend more on chance than anything else.