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Paintball Wallpaper (update)

Ollie Lang (1024x768)
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PBstar Desktop (1024x768)
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Davey-Desktop (1024x768)
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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Barrels 101

A barrel is the most important upgrade to your gun that you can make. I get hundreds of emails regarding which barrel is the best. Any barrel we sell is better than most stock barrels. Now, what makes a good barrel?

The smooth and straight surface on the inside makes up a large part of your barrel's accuracy. Stainless barrels, and just about any barrel with a special coating on the inside are virtually frictionless. This makes for a very accurate barrel. Of course, porting, bore size, and length can play a great role in the accuracy of your barrel too.

Porting is helps a great deal on any barrel. This much is clear as just about every manufacturer ports their barrels these days. When a paintball is fired, the gas expands rapidly behind the paintball. The paintball does not make a perfect match with the barrel and some gas escapes the barrel before the paintball flies right into the head of your… oops teammate! Quick, hide behind your bunker before he sees it was you! This effect can create a turbulence that the paintball is forced to fly through. Non-ported barrels can send a paintball off into la la land every now and then as some of you might have noticed when your teammate walked off the field cursing rather loudly. Here is where the porting comes into play. As said before the gas expands rapidly behind the ball. The porting vents the air out right after the ball stops accelerating in the barrel and prevents the turbulence effect. An added bonus is porting makes the barrel a lot quieter.

Bore Size
The bore size of a barrel refers to the inner diameter. Paintballs come in all sizes, and a small bore paintball should be shot through a small bore barrel. Large ball to large barrel and so on. An easy way to test if you have the right fit is put the ball in the barrel, and try to blow it out. If it shoots out, you're match is perfect. If it barrel moves, the bore is too small for the paintball, or the ball to big for the barrel. If it roles, out, vice versa. Most the barrels and paintballs are medium bore.

The Mysterious 18 incher
The longer the barrel does not necessarily mean the more accurate. A 12" barrel is usually very similar to a 16" barrel of the same design in accuracy. Now, the difference is YOU, the player. Most people, whether or not they realize it sight by the tip of their barrel. The longer the barrel, the more "on target" it will be when you point your gun giving you the illusion of thinking your longer barrel is more accurate.

A side note, it is good to have several different barrels to accommodate for changes in weather (hot, humid weather makes paintballs swell, cool weather will shrink them) and varying paintball sizes.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Sacramento XSV's sweep of the NPPL series this year has come to an abrupt, if likely temporary, end: they didn't even make the quarterfinals on Sunday. Dynasty, the world champions from 2003 through 2005, have been solidly in second place against XSV all season-but in Boston, finished in 12th place out of the Pro teams. XSV finished in 9th place. With these two titans-who retain first (XSV) and second (Dynasty) series standings despite their foibles in Boston-knocked out during the prelims, teams traditionally relegated to third and lower had a shot at the top two positions. This opportunity shook the Pro division to its core, the possibilities fueling players' dreams and bodies like the Bawls caffeine drinks they slammed between rounds.

The quarterfinals ended with the Portland Naughty Dogs on top of Miami Rage by 91 points, their average score over seven games at 86 points. Miami Rage was second with a total of 513 and an average of 73 points a game, followed by Stockholm Joy Division, Chicago Evil, and St. Louis Avalanche. The top eight of eighteen teams moved on from the prelim games on Saturday, those not making the cut also including the Philadelphia Assassins, London Nexus, and the OC Bushwackers, the three teams in the greatest jeopardy of losing their Pro ranking at the end of the season and bumping down to the Semi-Pro division to make way for rising stars like the California Bushwackers, Miami Raiders, and Impact.

The weather proved as unpredictable as the results, with pouring rain washing the bunkers clean one minute and stray sunlight poking through to the fields the next. The parking lot ran orange with rainwater and paint, and the players sprayed great fantails of water as they slid into-and past-their bunkers. It was a fun time on the Action Turf for everyone.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

The New Empire Paintball Invert Mini

Has anyone else gotten to see the photos of the new Empire Paintball Invert Mini? It was press released in the newest issue of MAXIM magazine along with some other gear. The "rag" says it will retail at $499 ish. NPS has not set a firm release date to the public but if anyone has a copy or would like a first hand look, here it is. My understanding is there are no external hoses. The forgrip holds some or possibly all the electronics. The air passes through the trigger frame into the marker itself. They are taunting us with a 30 BPS rate in the press release. Shown with Empire Clamp feed and Revolver Barrel System which I'm sure won't be standard.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Armson Barrel

Made from aircraft grade aluminium and featuring internal rifling, the Armson barrels are amongst the most accurate available for your marker today. The Stealth is a one piece design featuring progressive polygon rifling, available to fit Angel, Impulse , Tippman 98 and A5,Auto-mag, Matrix, Spyder,Shocker and cocker threads. Lenghts available are 13" and 16", with a 10" size to fit Tippman A5's only. Armson barrel has combined their newest SSR (Straight-Stepped-Rifling) technology into an incridible two piece barrel design. Muzzle ends area available in several lenghts to allow you to change barrel lenghts in seconds. Available in 11",13" and 16" and fits Angel, Impulse , Tippman 98 and A5,Autococker/Matrix and E-Mags. Available only from Holmbush Paintball Shop in the UK.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Clean Your Paintball Gun! It's Dirty...

From Marty May

10 Steps to a Clean Gun

One of the most important things you can do to protect your paintball gun investment is to keep it clean and lubricated. I know it’s boring to do, but once after cleaning your gun a few times, it rarely takes more than a few minutes. Often a well-maintained gun is the difference between playing all day or sitting out a few games to clear up barrel breaks or jammed triggers.

So, in 10 easy steps, I’m going to teach the basics on cleaning and lubing your gun. A couple of ground rules should be mentioned here. First, since there are many different brands of paintguns available, these are general guidelines only. If the manufacturer’s instructions tell you to do something different than this article—FOLLOW THEIR ADVICE! Also, before you get started make sure you have a parts kits on-hand and all the other cleaning essentials.

So, read this entire article and have all the supplies needed before starting to clean your gun. Finally, place old newspaper or a flattened trash bag on your worktable to make cleanup easy.

1. The absolute first thing to do is remove the air source for your gun. NEVER, EVER work on, clean, or inspect your marker with air source connected.

2. Now lay your paintgun schematic in front of you. This is usually somewhere in the instruction manual or it may be on a separate page included with your box. If you can’t locate the schematic, check the manufacturer’s website. They can often be found online. Do this before you disassemble your gun—trust me, it’ll make reassemble much easier. If you still can’t find the schematics, then sketch the internals of the gun that look like they might be difficult to replace. Next, remove the hopper, barrel, bolt, hammer/striker, and grip frame. Put everything neatly aside.

3. We’ll start with the barrel. Run a pull-through squeegee through the inside of the barrel. Wipe down the barrel with a paper towel and warm water (inside and out). Run a clean squeegee through the barrel again to dry it and then a dry paper towel. Make sure the barrel is dry.

4. Now that the insides of the gun are removed, clean the inside of your gun's body. Some guns allow you to run a squeegee through the body. If you own such a gun, do it. Next, use Q- Tips, old toothbrushes, and paper towels to clean those hard to reach places.

5. Take your grip-frame and clean out the broken paint and other debris with a small brush. CAUTION: do not remove the trigger assembly. It is not fun trying to reassemble or fix it.

6. Clean your bolt and hammer/striker with a paper towel and warm water. Make sure to dry these pieces thoroughly. Inspect the o-rings on both components carefully. This is where most air leaks are caused. So, do a good job here.

7. Replace any o-rings that that are cracking, dry, or otherwise look funky. (Throw a couple of extra o-rings in your gun bag for a quick fix at the field.) Check the other internals for repair or replacement. (For example, are all the springs still straight? Are there any broken screws? Etc.)

8. Once you’ve determined that your internals are in good shape and are clean, lightly lubricate them with paintgun oil (pay special attention to the parts that move). Do not use any other type of oil, as there is a good chance non paintball gun oil will damage your gun. Lube your o-rings with paintgun oil or silicone. To lube the o-rings put some on your fingertip and run it around the o-ring. It should be a very light layer.

9. Following the schematic, reassemble your marker and chronograph it before using it.

10. Put on your goggles and go play paintball!

There you go. Ten easy steps and you’re ready to play. Better than that though, your gun and all the stuff inside it will last much longer with your new maintenance regimen!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sinister Power Feed Paintball gun

ACI’s Newest and Hottest selling item has all the bells and whistles pro players come to expect in a paintball marker of this class. The Sinister Paintball Gun is completely compatible with other industry standard parts and accessories, and is available in Vertical Feed or Power Feed Models.