Wednesday, December 07, 2016

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kod Pengesahan Google

Kod Pengesahan Google

Pengguna Google yang dihormati,

Kami telah menerima permintaan untuk memulihkan akses kepada akaun Google anda melalui alamat e-mel anda. Kod pengesahan Google anda ialah:


Jika anda tidak meminta kod ini, ada kemungkinan orang lain sedang cuba mengakses Akaun Google . Jangan kirim semula atau berikan kod ini kepada sesiapa.

Anda menerima mesej ini kerana alamat e-mel ini disenaraikan sebagai e-mel pemulihan untuk Akaun Google . Jika tidak benar, sila klik di sini untuk mengalih keluar alamat e-mel anda daripada Akaun Google itu.

Yang ikhlas,

Pasukan Akaun Google

E-mel ini tidak dapat menerima balasan. Untuk mendapatkan maklumat lanjut, lawati Pusat Bantuan Akaun Google.
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Google Verification Code

Google Verification Code

Dear Google User,

We received a request to recover access to your Google Account through your email address. Your Google verification code is:


If you did not request this code, it is possible that someone else is trying to access the Google Account . Do not forward or give this code to anyone.

You received this message because this email address is listed as the recovery email for the Google Account . If that is incorrect, please click here to remove your email address from that Google Account.

Sincerely yours,

The Google Accounts team

This email can't receive replies. For more information, visit the Google Accounts Help Center.
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Thursday, May 05, 2016

HP Bottle Cover in only = 1.35$

Dear Sir,

Whole Sale offer from WIN GEAR INDUSTRIES

HP Bottle Cover in only =  1.35$


·        With your custom logo and design

·        HP Bottle cover for 0.80 litter

·        With Velcro


·        Material: Neoprene

·        Without HP system

·        ACU CAMO DIGI

·        Quantity is not matter which quantity required we full fill it.


Your Design is also possible.

We provide you Best Quality products

For any other detail you can simple replay this email:




With best regards,



 Managing Director

Win Gear Industries.