Sunday, November 05, 2017

11 Easy Steps for Uplust Beginners

Hey adib,

So you just signed up for Uplust. You are about to make your first post and you realize you don't have any followers. Don't worry. You're normal. That is a sign that you are an Uplust beginner. A lot of us Uplust users (or addicts) went through the same questioning routine. And look at us now. We're regulars who are on Uplust all day and night and we can't stop posting, liking, relusting, commenting naughty photos and videos!

So you want to be like us? It's not that hard really. Just follow these simple steps:

11 Easy Steps for Beginners

See you soon on Uplust!

– Jessica, from the Uplust Team

Welcome to Uplust - Please confirm your email address

Welcome to Uplust!

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You're almost done! Please confirm that you own this email address by clicking on the following button:

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Thank you for flying with us!

– Alice, from the Uplust Team

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Online Casino Malaysia – Register Succesful

Greeting Customer:

Thanks for joining and welcome to our website where we bring you the exciting world of In-Play betting with over 3,000 matches live every month.

Being part of our members, we will inform all our valued guests with the latest Promotions, rewards and providing every guest with the best online gaming experiences.

Upon any deposit, your account will be funded within the shortest time and should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us through Live Help as we value all our guests and hope to serve you better.

Your login detail as following:

Username: adib1996 
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Good Luck!

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Safe Job Search Guidelines

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Dear Kuzainol,

We would like to share with you some information and tips on safe online job searching.

Illegal ads sometimes do appear on job sites. will always endeavour to ensure that job ads on our site are for legitimate job opportunities only. Ads that contravene our Advertisement Policy are removed when they are identified.

However, there are times when such ads that violate our policy may get posted. If you find any ad of the following nature, please do not respond to it but tell us about it:
  1. Ads that require payment for applications.

  2. Ads that promote pyramid selling or similar schemes.

  3. Ads that are untrue or misleading (e.g. misleading job title, job description or company description).

  4. Ads with dubious ethical credentials (e.g. social escorts, etc.).
You can email the ad to, giving the Company Name and Position Title, and we shall investigate.

Also, discourages advertisers from misusing your application information, such as:
  1. Any advertiser/employer/staff using the information in your job application to approach you and sell insurance, promote multi-level marketing (MLM) or make offers that are not connected to the job advertised;

  2. Offering jobs that require you to pay money, processing fees, training fees, make a purchase etc. in order to obtain the job. Should fees be required, verify from an accredited government agency if the company is a licensed recruiter and/or placement agency.

  3. Jobs that seem proper up to the interview stage but later, are revealed to be a guise to promote other schemes.
While we will try to take appropriate action whenever possible, cannot and shall not be liable for any action by employers that violate our terms of use.

Lastly, do not provide your Password to anyone, even if it appears to come from an email with a address. We do not ask passwords from our members.

For more tips and articles on job search, check out:

Best Regards,
LiNa, your Personal Career Agent

To contact me, please give your feedback here. Do not reply to this auto-generated message.

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