Sunday, December 09, 2007

Airowgun Edge Paintball Gun - Camo


  • The Airowgun is the latest in paintball technology
  • It is the only bow-powered paintball marker in the world today
  • Deadly accurate and ultra-quiet because of air push physics
  • Outranges most other paintball markers by nearly 30 feet
  • The Airowgun by itself mounts to most compound and recurve bows with aluminum risers
  • Even use of CO2 or compressed air!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ariakon 2008 SIM-5 Pro Elite Paintball Guns

This Ariakon SIM-series paintball gun requires a remote coil to connect to your CO2 or HP tank. You may select one from the options below if you don't already own one.

Knowing that today’s market plays tough, equipment must also be tough and able to take a beating. The body and barrel of the SIM-5™ are fabricated of a high quality aluminum alloy, while the stock, fore-grip, and trigger assembly are made of a virtually indestructible polymer compound. This combination of materials keeps the weight down while remaining durable. No matter how hard you play, your SIM-5™ will play harder for you, and then ask for more.

Let’s face it; breaking paintballs is an annoying fact that every marker in the world has. The SIM-5™ features the fastest barrel removal of any marker. Its unique quick-release barrel design allows you to remove, clean, re-insert, and secure your barrel in under 5 seconds. It is time-saving features like these that make this marker and your team win a battle rather than lose a player.

One of the importance's of any marker’s design is the ability to maintain it. The SIM-5™ once again delivers what you need. Our design team went beyond the call of duty by engineering this marker to be disassembled quickly and easily without special tools or equipment. Thus, this marker brings down the maintenance routine to an enjoyable experience.

Getting the most realistic and durable marker on the market without the sacrifice of performance or quality has just been made easy. Welcome to the realm of the new player. Welcome to the realm of the SIM-5™.

    Key features
  • NEW traditional Navy-style handguard
  • NEW improved trigger frame
  • NEW improved barrel pin
  • NEW improved ball detent
  • High-intensity red/green dot scope for quick target acquisition
  • Tactical flashlight
  • RIS hand guard with four accessory rails
  • .68 caliber
  • R.I.S. system
  • Silencer style barrel extension
  • High flow bolt
  • MP5 style cocking lever
  • Powered by either CO2 or HPA
  • Quick field strip pins
  • MP5 style safety
  • Retractable shoulder stock
  • Semi-automatic fire
  • Included sling mounts
  • Adjustable sights for windage and elevation
  • Uses all standard hoppers (electronic recommended)
Ariakon 2008 SIM-5 Pro Elite Paintball Guns

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sup'Air releases pro player themed mini bunkers

Sup'AirBall™ just released a new set of Mini Bunkers. The Classic Mini Can now shows the colors and face of your favorite Pro players.

We all love collectibles. From action figures to cards, to have your favorites Pro players signatures on it is worth everything.

Oliver LANG and Chris Lasoya but also Dynasty, Philly All Americans, Baltimaure Trauma, Dynasty and the TonTons are now available.

Sup'AirBall™ will release more Mini Bunkers of your favorite teams really soon. So keep an eye on the website and your favorite paintball websites.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

NPPL Huntington Beach 07 - Bob Long's Blast Wins

Bob Long's Blast takes down Impact in 3 games to win the NPPL Huntington Beach event. The first game ended in a stalemate, but Blast game back to win the next two in a row. Impact, who won the Semi Pro last year proved they belong in the pro division with their 2nd place finish in their first ever pro event. Expect great things from this team in the future as long as they stick together.

Dynasty extracted their revenge on Joy Division in the battle for 3rd and 4th place. Dynasty won both games back to back in a closely contested match. The way the finals field was set up had plenty of huge bunkers on the 50, with a massive snake protected by two large "car wash" bunkers. The abundance of huge bunkers led to a lot of evenly matched games.

Overall, Huntington Beach was a great start for the 2007 season. The event ran well, even though the league ownership changed hands recently.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dangerous Power Fusion Paintball Gun - Blue

From design to conception, the Fusion Paintball Marker by Dangerous Power aims to achieve the highest level of performance at any price. If you've tried shooting one, you will agree that this mission has been accomplished! Out of the box, the Fusion rivals the performance of other 'high-end' markers that are double or even triple the cost, leaving the competition wondering how quality can come at such affordability.


  • Electronic LED switch
  • Semi auto/ramping modes
  • Runs off of one 9 volt battery
  • Nitrogen/Compressed air only
  • 250 psi low pressure air-ram
  • Quick release bolt
  • Overall length - 19.7 inches
  • Includes 2 piece barrel - autococker threads
  • Weight - 2.5 lbs.
  • Infrared rays sensor strike
  • Vertical regulator
  • Anti-chop break beam eye
  • Patented low rise clamp rapid feedneck
  • Large trigger guard

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Spyder Becomes Major CFOA Sponsor

(Lexington, North Carolina): Spyder has become a major sponsor of the CFOA Tournament Series for 2007. While specific terms of the agreement have not been disclosed, Spyder will support CFOA and its players across every format offered by the league, from five-man airball to the new and much-anticipated ten-man scenario competition to be offered by the league for the first time in 2007.

“I’m ecstatic to welcome Spyder to the CFOA family,” league Marketing and Sponsorship Director Joshua D. Silverman said after the agreement was reached. “Spyder is an industry-leading brand offering affordable products for the full spectrum of the game. To have a name as respected as theirs associated with the CFOA is an honor and we look forward to seeing them at league events in 2007 and beyond!”

An industry leader who revolutionized the game of paintball by making semi-automatic performance affordable for every level of player, Spyder manufactures an extensive line of paintball equipment for any style of play from recreational games to tournament competition. The Spyder VS series has redefined the performance and appearance of the Spyder line, while the MR line of military-style paintball markers make the woods a dangerous place for any player not equipped with a Spyder. The new Fasta series of performance paintball loaders provides top-level tournament performance and feed rates of up to thirty balls per second at an affordable price. The complete line of Spyder products including markers, loaders, bunkers, packs, paintballs and protective gear may be viewed on or purchased from local paintball retailers.

“For years we have received positive reports about events run by the CFOA,” said Spyder Marketing Coordinator Dan Weber, “therefore it is our pleasure to provide support for such an upstanding and professionally managed organization! Very few paintball tournament circuits have even come close to reaching the level of success that Josh and the CFOA have attained on the East coast and we wish them all the best this coming season!”

The world’s largest producer of five-man paintball tournaments, the CFOA has offered players in the Southeastern United States a highly competitive tournament experience at an affordable price since 1999. Offering classic center-flag five-man, divisional X-Ball and now even tactical ten-man scenario competitions throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee at world-class paintball parks, the CFOA has built a framework of high-value regional competition paintball on a firm foundation of customer service. For a complete list of events, registration information, prizes, sponsors and more, visit the official website of the CFOA online at

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Reusable T2 T-Balls


Rufus Dawg, a manufacturer of paintball equipment and accessories, announces its new and improved T2 T-Balls, reusable balls for paintball target practice. The T2 T-Balls can be shot from any .68 caliber paintball marker, making them ideal catalysts for improving paintball skills while reducing the cost of target practice.

The reusable T2 balls are constructed of durable, rubber-like material which needs no added lubrication. They are extremely accurate and can improve snap shooting by 200 percent. The T2 reusable T-Balls shoot like "premium paintballs," according to Ben Staub, president of Rufus Dawg. He points out that the T2's can be used indoors or outdoors because no clean-up is required.

The T2 T-Balls are available in red and fluorescent "glow in the dark" colors. They are available in 100, 300 & 500 packs or in bulk packaging of 2,000 rounds.

For more information about the T2 T-Balls or any other Rufus Dawg product, telephone 866-RUFUSDG or visit the company's website at

CAPTION: T2 T-Balls, reusable balls for paintball target practice

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Proto Axis mask on review

Proto Axis Mask
The new mask in the Proto Switch line is the Axis mask. At first glance, the Axis has a tighter profile compared to the Proto Switch FS. The extra rubber in the cheek area of the Switch FS has been done away with. I think Proto was influenced by all the players that were cutting the extra material off of their Switch FS masks. The Proto Axis mask does have a “Star Wars”esque look to it. I personally put it in the “cool” category while others have been a little critical on the looks.

Easily detachable anchors
Easily detachable anchors
The Axis still maintains the quick “Switch” feature that makes lens changing a simplistic task. Just turn the goggle strap anchors 1/8th of a turn on each side of the Axis and remove the goggle strap. You are now able to remove the outer frame and the lens. It shouldn’t take anyone more than a minute to remove, clean, and replace the lens. The thermal lens is the same as all the other lenses in the current Proto Switch lineup. The goggle frame is very sturdy and the “Switch Lock” system does a great job of keeping the lens securely in place.

The two-layered foam is the same as the Proto FS mask, it is very comfortable and sweat absorbing. I like that there is a break of the foam around the temples region that does not hinder players that wear glasses.

Break in foam for glasses
Break in foam for glasses
The ear and mouth protection is all one piece and molded with a soft rubber-like material. The face mask is soft enough to cause some balls to be deflected without breaking. All the lines come together to ensure that nothing is sticking out that absolutely does not have to help you stay in the game. Nothing (aside from the visor) hangs out to take a ball impact needlessly. As I’ve stated before, the profile is very tight and I think that is really important to the players today due to the “non altered mask” rule that many of the major events are enforcing.

Easy to disassembled
Easy to disassembled
The rubber grill in front of the mouth will focus your voice to anyone in front of you. This was well thought out as some manufacturers for the tourney player have forgotten about the fact that you need to be able to talk to your teammates. This mask gets my vote for the mask to have for all the coaches in the X Ball pits.

Proto Axis on Aftermath
Proto Axis on Aftermath
For the hard core tourney player, the Proto Axis mask is definitely one to seriously look at. Thermal non-fogging lenses, quick lens replacement, soft absorbent foam, and the super tight profile make the Proto Axis receive high marks in my book.