Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Paintball Gift Ideas for the Beginner and Experienced Paintballer

by: Blair Stephens

Looking for a great gift for the Paintball enthusiast in your family? Well, fall of 2006 marked the largest debut of new products in Paintball's history. No matter what your budget; there is a hot new product to fit the bill.

Custom Products has always been known for their wide selection of "after-market" items for many different paintball markers. This holiday season they're released their new Air Systems. They will be available in both 48 and 68ci and in high or low pressure. Prices on the air systems start around $220. They also just released 06 Ego Sling and Rake triggers as well as on/off plugs for the DM6. With prices below $30, these will make great stocking stuffers.

As anticipated, Dye rolled out their entire 2007 arsenal at this year's World Cup. They didn't disappoint with a redesigned C7 paintball clothing line, new C7 Slide Shorts, and their flagship marker the DM7. The DM7 is both smaller and lighter than last year's DM6 and now includes a lever locking clamp feed neck. The new DM7s are retailing for $1399.

Dye's daughter company, Proto, has also been hard at work. Their answer to Smart Parts low end / high performance Ion is the Proto Matrix Rail. The Rail retails at a mere $400 but includes BIG features such as anti chop eyes, a super light composite trigger frame, rate of fires in excess of 17 balls per second, and a bolt assembly that can easily be removed and cleaned from the back of the marker. It will be available in Black only through the holidays and additional colors will be available in early 2007.

Kingman and Tippmann are both battling for the entry level crowd. Tippmann's new X7 Marker is designed to be the most customizable marker ever. It has thousands of combinations possible including new barrels, barrel shrouds, stocks, mock magazines, and many other accessories to fit any user's desires. Kingman dropped their new VS line in the 3rd quarter. The VS2 and VS3 are complete revisions of the Spyder line but affordably priced. The VS2 starts at only $190 and includes high end features including low pressure operation and anti chop eyes.

Planet Eclipse completely redid their amazingly popular 06 Ego in the newly release 07 Ego. The 07 Ego isn't just a revision; it's a complete redesign of the Ego platform. The paintball marker is nearly a half pound lighter and has a new solenoid, grip frame, trigger, shaft barrel, totally revamped internals, and much more. This is the "must have" marker for 2007. Prices start at $1250. They will begin shipping to dealers on December 8th.

This year Empire released a full line of new paintball clothing and most notably their new marker the Invert Mini. The Invert is scheduled to begin shipping December 1st and has a laundry list of features including a gas through grip frame (a first for paintball) that allows the air in your bottom line to feed directly through your grip and into the marker. No more external hoses! It is both small and light and at only $400, it offers features comparable to markers double its cost!

Smart Parts has astonished the Paintball world with a complete revamp of their product line in the last 2 years. The introduction of the Ion in 2004 was their first step into the high performance low cost market at only $285. Only 2 years later, they've released the Epiphany. The Epiphany is based off the Ion design but includes a metal body, newly redesigned trigger frame, freak barrel, fire bolt, and a new adjustable firing chamber for increased efficiency. At only $400 this will be one of the hottest sellers this holiday season. Epiphanys begin shipping December 10th.

Other notable releases include VForce's new Grillz system, Draxxus's new 30+ balls per second Pulse Loader, and DerDer's Soldiers of Misfortune DVD.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Evil Rolling Gear Bag

MSRP: $129.95
Still using Grandpa’s old knapsack left over from the Korean War to carry your gear in? The one that smells of sweat socks and dried mold? Time to upgrade, Gunga Din. The new Evil large rolling bag is big enough to accommodate the packing habits of even the most extreme players, including all your playing gear, your clothes for the week, magazines, iPod, and five-inch heels (see picture). Multiple compartments let you keep your valuables away from each other, so that when your plane heads into a nose dive, you don’t have to worry about toothpaste getting into your loader. The best part is, when your whole team is rolling your matching bags across the airport and you tell people you’re a team of traveling paintballers, you won’t get as many weird looks as before, which is nice. Or you could just tell them you're roadies for The Stones.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball PS2

Short Description
Building on the intense speed action of Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball, a 2004 sleeper hit, features more new field locations, and over 100 new field layouts. Players will use a combination of speed and tactics to take out their opponents, including 14 pros from Keely Watson and Chris LaSoya to Greg Hastings.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Don’t Underestimate Paintball Girls

by: Anne Morris

If you think paintball is a game only for the guys, then you are in for a surprise. Many girls also enjoy the game and are starting to make their presence known in the world of paintball. There is always an all female team in every major tournament for paintball and many females turn out to participate. And some of them are exceptional players. Just because the players are girls, don’t let it fool you into thinking they are not formidable.

Actually, some say that paintball girls are better suited for the game and have an advantage over males on the field. For one reason, females are usually smaller and are therefore harder to hit and it is easier for them to hide. Also paintball girls tend to be more patient than their male counterparts and will therefore have no problems out waiting an opponent until he outs himself. Some have noted that paintball girls tend to bond quicker and better than the males and therefore work together better as a team.

Paintball girls don’t like to be restricted to playing amongst all girls however, but are eager to compete against the men on the paintball field. Most of the paintball tournaments have at least a few girls competing against men.

The all girl paintball teams have taken down many all male paintball teams. Not only do these paintball girls have to be tough and strong to go up against the men, but they have also had to overcome a lot of obstacles to be able to compete in tournaments. Paintball girls may look meek and somewhat fragile, but in this case, appearances are quite misleading. They can use this to their advantage too as men tend to underestimate the ability of female players of paintball. Most paintball girls are extremely serious about the sport and they are very good at it.

Women are no different from men in the beginning because everyone hesitates to suffer the pain of being shot. And getting hit by a paintball can be extremely painful. But once the game gets underway and the adrenaline kicks in, some paintball girls get hooked; and who could blame them? Paintball is an exciting game that is quite competitive but is also fun to play.

So if you thought paintball was just a guy’s game, you can see that isn’t the case. Women are quickly joining the ranks of exceptional paintball players and many have become aficionados of the game. The next time you are on the paintball field, watch out for those paintball girls, they make for formidable opponents.

Monday, November 20, 2006

NForcer Review

The nForcer mask is produced by JT and is basically of the same design as the nVader with one glaring exception. The spectra lens system which provides a superior field of vision. The nVader, as well as many other goggle systems on the market can produce a tunnel vision effect because of their narrow lenses. Protection of this particular goggle is SUPERIOR. This is a mask that is GREAT for BIG HEADS! The DYE Invision and JT Proteus masks are meant for people with such little heads that infuriates me that they were designed so small. Ya it is nice to have a low profile but how would you like to call out to your teammate and eat a paintball as it flys into your mouth. If you you have a big head, get a big mask. The nForcer and nVader both provie great ear protection as well, with the mask wrapping around for complete protection. The one small con of this mask is the ability to talk clearly through it but other than that I give it an A. Price ranges fro about 30 for a non thermal to 40 for a thermal. Buy a thermal.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

NXe Elevation Series Barrel Cover Strange Edition

The NXe® Strange paintball marker barrel cover is constructed with a reinforced outer lining and a heavy-duty polypropylene webbing strip that's mounted on the inside for reliable protection and durability.


  • Reinforced outer lining
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene webbing strip mounted on inside
  • Adjustable elastic cord included
  • Elevation nylon
  • Dimensions: 6 in x 2.5 in x .5 in
  • Weight: 0.0875 lb

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Click to enlarge

V-GEAR™ is designed for the tournament professional and weekend warrior alike. They offer unprecedented levels of comfort and versatility at prices that won't make you see red or feel blue. Best of all they are made here in the USA and are guaranteed to last forever.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Tight knit mesh pouch makes them light and airy and easy to clean
  • EXCLUSIVE: Duroplex™ Backing with Twice-Over Belt™ offers great support
  • EXCLUSIVE: Double wide velcro closures on pouches make them easy to CLOSE
  • EXCLUSIVE: Grip loops on the hard to reach pouches make them easier to OPEN
  • EXCLUSIVE: Pouch design will fit any 150-round tube or the Snapp™ Speed Loader
  • Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    2007 Model Cyborg Announced

    For Immediate Release:
    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    As expected, MacDev designers have been working on a 2007 model of the Cyborg marker. The 07 Cyborg is tentatively set for release in December 2006, or early January 2007.

    Designers have released a list of extra features that they intend to work into the 07 Cyborg:

    • A reduction in overall marker height
    • Increased milling/lighter body
    • Increased speed
    • 07 spec electronic hardware and software
    • 07 Gladiator
    • New solenoid
    • 07 spec detents
    • 07 spec LPR
    • 07 RED valve

    Clearly, designers expect the 07 Cyborg to be lighter, smaller and faster than previous models. It will also have some improved functionality and reliability with new regulators, solenoid and electronics.

    The 07 Cyborg will include more features and workmanship than previous model Cyborgs, it will also be packaged with more accessories. For this reason, it is expected that the cost of the 07 Cyborg will be higher than previous Cyborg models.

    A definite release date for the 07 Cyborg will be determined as design/production permits.

    Please click on these CAD models to see a larger conceptual model.

    The 07 will be bundled with a Sonic ASA and plumbing - not shown in the CAD drawings.

    Sunday, October 08, 2006

    Free Young-Gun Paint

    Proto Paintball is donating one case of their Proto
    Paint to every registered Young Guns team. Plus
    special discounts for additional paint.The XPSL
    Young Guns division is made up of 3-player teams
    and all players must be born on January 1, 1990
    or later and can’t have any National Level
    tournament experience.
    Gray Shows from Proto paintball said: "The players that play Young Guns
    are the future of the sport.Proto is proud to be a part of their tournament
    experience and will help as much as possible to encourage these players
    throughout their paintball career."
    The 2nd XPSL event in Santa Clara, California is shaping up to be an
    awesome event. Registration is now open for 3-player Young Guns
    teams and also 7-player Rookie, Novice and Amateur teams.
    More information about Proto Paintball
    Find out more info about the XPSL at or
    call 503-370-8749 or email

    Friday, October 06, 2006

    Redz Drops Arsenal

    Redz International has optioned the right to void its sponsorship contract with D.C. Arsenal and all other Arsenal-affiliated teams. According to a press release issued by Redz, the decision was based on multiple violations of the signed legal contract during the course of the 2006 tournament year.

    Redz VP Carmen "The Angry" Borgia said, "When you invest in something, you expect a return. When you don't get the return, then it's time to start questioning the "party" you invested in. So, I had to remove Redz from the equation... Being a team player involves respect, loyalty, open-mindedness, commitment, and a desire to better yourself and those around you. When some or all of those things are missing, it becomes impossible to be the best you can be. The teams that we do sponsor will already have these guidelines chiseled in their heart."

    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    How to Bunker Kings

    Get the timing down to know when to take over the throne.

    Everyone who plays paintball wants to be a bunker king andjoin the ranks of
    superstars like Markus Neilson, Chris Lasoya, and Oliver Lang. Bunker kings
    are the people you hear about who make the key bunkerings, run-throughs,
    and game-breaking moves during games, moves that set them apart from the
    rest of the field. You do not just become a bunker king overnight. It takes a
    lifetime of experience, extraterrestrial senses, winning the lotto, and years of
    practice to be lucky enough to earn that rank. Since king status is so hard to
    earn, I made up my own category for the less fortunate people, like myself
    (sorta), who have not yet mastered their domain. I call it bunker queen status,
    for all of those folks who need work on bunkering and aspire to be kings.
    So you finally sack up and want to get past bunker queen status? Well I’m here
    to help and give some advice on some of the things that will help you get there,
    and let you in on some tips from my team, Team Avalanche. Whether you are
    a front guy looking for that game-breaking move, a mid guy taking out a key
    person, or a slow back guy looking for your one chance at glory, these simple
    tips will add another dimension to your game.

    When I think about bunkering, there are five major areas that come to my mind

    that are necessary if one is to complete a successful bunker move.
    They are:
    1. Recognizing the bunker move.
    2. Setting up the move.
    3. Timing the move.
    4. Executing the move.
    5.Following through after the move.

    These five areas should be thought about before you do any bunker move and
    it should never take more than a couple of seconds, sometimes even quicker, to
    think of all these things. Now you can go from the one-handed bunkering newbie
    who makes all the people on the sideline go, “WOW, what an idiot!” to that person
    who makes everyone say, “Wow, that move was sick as hell.”

    Thursday, September 28, 2006

    Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    Sunday, September 24, 2006

    Barrels 101

    A barrel is the most important upgrade to your gun that you can make. I get hundreds of emails regarding which barrel is the best. Any barrel we sell is better than most stock barrels. Now, what makes a good barrel?

    The smooth and straight surface on the inside makes up a large part of your barrel's accuracy. Stainless barrels, and just about any barrel with a special coating on the inside are virtually frictionless. This makes for a very accurate barrel. Of course, porting, bore size, and length can play a great role in the accuracy of your barrel too.

    Porting is helps a great deal on any barrel. This much is clear as just about every manufacturer ports their barrels these days. When a paintball is fired, the gas expands rapidly behind the paintball. The paintball does not make a perfect match with the barrel and some gas escapes the barrel before the paintball flies right into the head of your… oops teammate! Quick, hide behind your bunker before he sees it was you! This effect can create a turbulence that the paintball is forced to fly through. Non-ported barrels can send a paintball off into la la land every now and then as some of you might have noticed when your teammate walked off the field cursing rather loudly. Here is where the porting comes into play. As said before the gas expands rapidly behind the ball. The porting vents the air out right after the ball stops accelerating in the barrel and prevents the turbulence effect. An added bonus is porting makes the barrel a lot quieter.

    Bore Size
    The bore size of a barrel refers to the inner diameter. Paintballs come in all sizes, and a small bore paintball should be shot through a small bore barrel. Large ball to large barrel and so on. An easy way to test if you have the right fit is put the ball in the barrel, and try to blow it out. If it shoots out, you're match is perfect. If it barrel moves, the bore is too small for the paintball, or the ball to big for the barrel. If it roles, out, vice versa. Most the barrels and paintballs are medium bore.

    The Mysterious 18 incher
    The longer the barrel does not necessarily mean the more accurate. A 12" barrel is usually very similar to a 16" barrel of the same design in accuracy. Now, the difference is YOU, the player. Most people, whether or not they realize it sight by the tip of their barrel. The longer the barrel, the more "on target" it will be when you point your gun giving you the illusion of thinking your longer barrel is more accurate.

    A side note, it is good to have several different barrels to accommodate for changes in weather (hot, humid weather makes paintballs swell, cool weather will shrink them) and varying paintball sizes.

    Thursday, September 21, 2006


    Sacramento XSV's sweep of the NPPL series this year has come to an abrupt, if likely temporary, end: they didn't even make the quarterfinals on Sunday. Dynasty, the world champions from 2003 through 2005, have been solidly in second place against XSV all season-but in Boston, finished in 12th place out of the Pro teams. XSV finished in 9th place. With these two titans-who retain first (XSV) and second (Dynasty) series standings despite their foibles in Boston-knocked out during the prelims, teams traditionally relegated to third and lower had a shot at the top two positions. This opportunity shook the Pro division to its core, the possibilities fueling players' dreams and bodies like the Bawls caffeine drinks they slammed between rounds.

    The quarterfinals ended with the Portland Naughty Dogs on top of Miami Rage by 91 points, their average score over seven games at 86 points. Miami Rage was second with a total of 513 and an average of 73 points a game, followed by Stockholm Joy Division, Chicago Evil, and St. Louis Avalanche. The top eight of eighteen teams moved on from the prelim games on Saturday, those not making the cut also including the Philadelphia Assassins, London Nexus, and the OC Bushwackers, the three teams in the greatest jeopardy of losing their Pro ranking at the end of the season and bumping down to the Semi-Pro division to make way for rising stars like the California Bushwackers, Miami Raiders, and Impact.

    The weather proved as unpredictable as the results, with pouring rain washing the bunkers clean one minute and stray sunlight poking through to the fields the next. The parking lot ran orange with rainwater and paint, and the players sprayed great fantails of water as they slid into-and past-their bunkers. It was a fun time on the Action Turf for everyone.


    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    The New Empire Paintball Invert Mini

    Has anyone else gotten to see the photos of the new Empire Paintball Invert Mini? It was press released in the newest issue of MAXIM magazine along with some other gear. The "rag" says it will retail at $499 ish. NPS has not set a firm release date to the public but if anyone has a copy or would like a first hand look, here it is. My understanding is there are no external hoses. The forgrip holds some or possibly all the electronics. The air passes through the trigger frame into the marker itself. They are taunting us with a 30 BPS rate in the press release. Shown with Empire Clamp feed and Revolver Barrel System which I'm sure won't be standard.

    soon to be

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    The Armson Barrel

    Made from aircraft grade aluminium and featuring internal rifling, the Armson barrels are amongst the most accurate available for your marker today. The Stealth is a one piece design featuring progressive polygon rifling, available to fit Angel, Impulse , Tippman 98 and A5,Auto-mag, Matrix, Spyder,Shocker and cocker threads. Lenghts available are 13" and 16", with a 10" size to fit Tippman A5's only. Armson barrel has combined their newest SSR (Straight-Stepped-Rifling) technology into an incridible two piece barrel design. Muzzle ends area available in several lenghts to allow you to change barrel lenghts in seconds. Available in 11",13" and 16" and fits Angel, Impulse , Tippman 98 and A5,Autococker/Matrix and E-Mags. Available only from Holmbush Paintball Shop in the UK.


    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    Clean Your Paintball Gun! It's Dirty...

    From Marty May

    10 Steps to a Clean Gun

    One of the most important things you can do to protect your paintball gun investment is to keep it clean and lubricated. I know it’s boring to do, but once after cleaning your gun a few times, it rarely takes more than a few minutes. Often a well-maintained gun is the difference between playing all day or sitting out a few games to clear up barrel breaks or jammed triggers.

    So, in 10 easy steps, I’m going to teach the basics on cleaning and lubing your gun. A couple of ground rules should be mentioned here. First, since there are many different brands of paintguns available, these are general guidelines only. If the manufacturer’s instructions tell you to do something different than this article—FOLLOW THEIR ADVICE! Also, before you get started make sure you have a parts kits on-hand and all the other cleaning essentials.

    So, read this entire article and have all the supplies needed before starting to clean your gun. Finally, place old newspaper or a flattened trash bag on your worktable to make cleanup easy.

    1. The absolute first thing to do is remove the air source for your gun. NEVER, EVER work on, clean, or inspect your marker with air source connected.

    2. Now lay your paintgun schematic in front of you. This is usually somewhere in the instruction manual or it may be on a separate page included with your box. If you can’t locate the schematic, check the manufacturer’s website. They can often be found online. Do this before you disassemble your gun—trust me, it’ll make reassemble much easier. If you still can’t find the schematics, then sketch the internals of the gun that look like they might be difficult to replace. Next, remove the hopper, barrel, bolt, hammer/striker, and grip frame. Put everything neatly aside.

    3. We’ll start with the barrel. Run a pull-through squeegee through the inside of the barrel. Wipe down the barrel with a paper towel and warm water (inside and out). Run a clean squeegee through the barrel again to dry it and then a dry paper towel. Make sure the barrel is dry.

    4. Now that the insides of the gun are removed, clean the inside of your gun's body. Some guns allow you to run a squeegee through the body. If you own such a gun, do it. Next, use Q- Tips, old toothbrushes, and paper towels to clean those hard to reach places.

    5. Take your grip-frame and clean out the broken paint and other debris with a small brush. CAUTION: do not remove the trigger assembly. It is not fun trying to reassemble or fix it.

    6. Clean your bolt and hammer/striker with a paper towel and warm water. Make sure to dry these pieces thoroughly. Inspect the o-rings on both components carefully. This is where most air leaks are caused. So, do a good job here.

    7. Replace any o-rings that that are cracking, dry, or otherwise look funky. (Throw a couple of extra o-rings in your gun bag for a quick fix at the field.) Check the other internals for repair or replacement. (For example, are all the springs still straight? Are there any broken screws? Etc.)

    8. Once you’ve determined that your internals are in good shape and are clean, lightly lubricate them with paintgun oil (pay special attention to the parts that move). Do not use any other type of oil, as there is a good chance non paintball gun oil will damage your gun. Lube your o-rings with paintgun oil or silicone. To lube the o-rings put some on your fingertip and run it around the o-ring. It should be a very light layer.

    9. Following the schematic, reassemble your marker and chronograph it before using it.

    10. Put on your goggles and go play paintball!

    There you go. Ten easy steps and you’re ready to play. Better than that though, your gun and all the stuff inside it will last much longer with your new maintenance regimen!

    Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    Sinister Power Feed Paintball gun

    ACI’s Newest and Hottest selling item has all the bells and whistles pro players come to expect in a paintball marker of this class. The Sinister Paintball Gun is completely compatible with other industry standard parts and accessories, and is available in Vertical Feed or Power Feed Models.

    Thursday, August 31, 2006

    DYE INVISION Face Mask

    01 Silicone is out and woven rubber is in. The Invision rubber retention strap system needs to be adjusted once and once only. Designed to fit your head and stay that way--like it should.
    02 Unilateral, audibly efficient ear protection. Provides three-dimensional hearing.
    03 The anatomically correct Invision mask system offers the best of comfort and performance for the player. Tested at twice the current ASTM impact standards for safety. Good protection is key.
    04 Self venting, low profile and removable. The Invision visor is adjustable vertically to provide maximum shade over your eyes. It also looks cool and provides forehead protection.
    05 The first compound radius lens in the world of paintball. Giving the player the ultimate vertical and horizontal peripheral vision. All Invision lenses have perfect optical clarity, setting a new standard in visual performance.
    06 A revolutionary, anatomically correct, low profile fit to your face. A first for the paintball industry. The Invision goggle frame is molded from tear-resistant polyurethane and is designed for maximum flow-through ventilation.
    07 Combined with a secure goggle, the patent pending multi directional venting drastically reduces re-ventilated fogging. The multi-directional venting also assists you with voice projection.


    A design that is equaled by none, the DYE patent pending Forward Tab Retention System (FTRS) is the most secure system of its kind. It is the only lens-goggle system that is low profile, with no extruding edges, delivering safety and clean looking style. The Forward Tab Retention System (FTRS) securely locks the lens into the frame under the most severe impacts.

    DYE’s Three Stage Foam combines three different foam materials with three distinctive foam densities. DYE Invision foam offers you fit and non-absorption comfort, utilizing combined open and closed cell foam technology. Three Stage Foam is specifically designed to “sheet” sweat and moisture away from your face, providing an undeniably resilient boundary between your eyes and perspiration

    Monday, August 28, 2006

    Angel A-1

    Angel A-1 $1,375.95CDN

    The result of over 10 year's experience in the manufacture and refinement of the Angel's original design - the Angel 1 is without doubt the finest Angel ever made.

    The Angel 1's size and weight have been significantly reduced without compromising the design and performance features to which discerning Angel owners have become so accustomed.

    Externally the Angel's 3 bore design has been retained albeit in a substantially slimmed down package. This 3 bore design and the Angel 1's subtle form give away it's roots, but that is where the similarities end.

    A total design process has resulted in every single internal part being engineered to create the Angel 1's complete performance package.

    Sunday, August 20, 2006

    Empire Fast Pack Yellow


    Empire Fast Pack Yellow

    FAST PACK The Fast Pack� was specifically designed with X-Ball in mind, not that you can't wear it during other types of play, but if you are playing X-ball, why aren't you wearing an X-ball harness? This harness is used by top X-ball teams such as NXL's Oakland Assassins, Los Angeles Infamous, Portland Naughty Dogs and the Boston Red Legion. Quick-load elastic straps and hideaway pod restraints because we know during a game every second counts. Empire gives you the edge. New for 2006, a rear neo-stretch pod cover to protect your pods. By popular demand we added a 7 pod fast pack to the join the fast pack family! This pack is so slim and lightweight you won't even realize you're wearing one. Central reinforcing support bars Collapsible design; as you pull out and use tubes, the harness actually shrinks to your profile. Easy Load micro injected pull tabs The snug form-fitting design allows for unhindered mobility. No-slip rubber lumbar pad to lock this pack in place. Breathable air mesh construction, because running around in 90 degree weather with goggles on is hot enough.

    List Price: $49.99
    Our Price:$32.99
    You Save: $17.00 (34%)

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    Category : Empire

    Thursday, August 17, 2006



    Redz International, a leader in supplying high-quality paintball products ergonomically designed for the sport of paintball, announces a new member of its Hard Partz line, in the form of two different triggers for the Ion(r) platform.

    The new triggers demonstrate Redz_ dedication to the quality and functionality of its Hard Partz line, with the following must-have features:

    -Dual high-quality ball bearing pivots give a smooth, effortless trigger pull
    -Milled rounded edges provide a comfortable touch
    -Made using a lightweight composite material that allows for a faster trigger cycle
    -Four adjustments: Forward-stop, pull-stop, trigger switch and magnetic return a full range of adjustability so players can dial in their own settings
    -Both shapes (smooth and grooved) were designed for a fluid, fast trigger pull and return
    -Fits all Smart Parts Ions(r)

    Carmen "The Angry" Borgia, VP of Redz says, "Redz design team and Hard Partz Division is kickin' butt. We are aggressively pumping more and more high-quality Hard Partz. Any paintball player would be proud to use them on their marker. I am getting flooded with e-mails and phone calls from customers, dealers, and tournament players, telling us how much they really appreciate the new additions to the line (I love it when a plan comes together). Redz' mission continues to hit its goals and targets our manufacturing foot is on the accelerator with no brake pedal in sight."

    See the new Triggers and the entire product line in person at the NPPL Boston event, starting July 21.

    Redz shifts into high gear, arriving at the next level with a new standard of quality for paintball equipment. Redz products are designed for the entry-level player all the way to the seasoned professional, and continually demonstrate that comfort, quality and style are a winning recipe. View all of Redz International's products online via its newly designed web presence at or call 877.873.3432 for more information.

    Sunday, August 13, 2006

    Stolen marker recovered at Central Florida Paintball

    At this year's Tampa NPPL, Team 68 Caliber player Antonio “727 Hitman” Braccili fell victim to a thief. His 2005 Dynasty Shocker was taken from his gearbag while he was out on the field competing. The 15 year old had spent the previous summer working for his father's construction company to earn the cash to pay for the marker.

    All too often players lose thousands of dollars in gear to thieves who prowl major events looking for equipment to steal. Every organized league has this problem, and in many cases vendors are hit just as hard as players. In the case of Braccili's Shocker, it was reported to the NPPL immediately upon discovering the theft and he finished the event using a borrowed GZ Intimidator.

    As it turned out, the marker never left Florida, and was recovered this past weekend at Central Florida Paintball in Lakeland, Florida. Braccili was practicing with Team Sentinels, and he noted a Jacksonville Raider holding a blue Dynasty Shocker. He walked up to the player, later revealed to be a new addition to the Raider's D1 squad and asked to take a look at it. Braccili was shocked to see that the serial number on the marker was the same as his stolen Dynasty. LP, Brian and Trevor (who had possession of the marker) immediately handed the marker to Central Florida Paintball's John Smith and Smith called the Lakeland Police to investigate. D/S Smith of the Lakeland Police currently has possession of the marker as evidence.

    The current story unfolding is that Trevor was trying out the Dynasty to see if it was something he wanted to trade his Intimidator for. Since he'd just made the Jacksonville Raiders D1 squad, he needed to have a Smart Parts marker to comply with their sponsorship agreement with Smart Parts. He was contemplating the trade with CFP local, who'd traded his DM5 for the Dynasty with yet another player, who allegedly swapped for the marker while at Tampa. At this point the CFP local can prove ownership of the DM5 he swapped the Dynasty for, and we would imagine that he'll be getting that marker back. At some point someone's going to be out a marker, and we would assume that that person is going to be the thief.

    While the Dynasty Shocker in question has been partially cannibalized, it's still fully functioning and as the investigation progresses it'll be returned to Braccili in due course. As a general rule, property taken in thefts are very rarely recovered, especially with paintball gear, which more often than not doesn't have a serial number to provide traceability. This story has a happy ending because the stolen property was recovered, thanks mainly to Jacksonville Raiders' newest addition and field owner John Smith. We would like to thank LP, Brian, Trevor and John for all their help in this matter, and commend them for their honesty.

    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    Professional Paintball Teams

    Paintball has many professional players and teams and many of them have become extremely successful and have gained fame around the paintball world. Some of the professional teams are:
    • Anaheim Sedition (NPPL)
    • Arsenal A-Team (NPPL)
    • Baltimore Trauma (NXL)
    • Chicago Evil (NPPL)
    • Chicago Aftershock (NXL)
    • DC Arsenal (NPPL)
    • Detroit Strange (NXL)
    • Las Vegas LTZ (NXL)
    • Los Angeles Ironmen (NXL/NPPL)
    • Los Angeles Infamous (NPPL)
    • London Nexus (NPPL)
    • London Tigers (NPPL)
    • Miami Raiders (NXL)
    • Miami Rage (NPPL)
    • Montreal Nrg (WPL)
    • New England Hurricanes (NPPL)
    • New York NRG (NPPL)
    • New York Xtreme (NXL)
    • Oakland Empire (NPPL)
    • OC Bushwackers (NPPL)
    • Oakland Assassins (NXL/NPPL)
    • Philadelphia Americans (NXL/NPPL)
    • Portland Naughty Dogs (NXL/NPPL)
    • Boston Red Legion (NXL)
    • Sacramento Excessive aka XSV (NXL/NPPL)
    • San Diego Dynasty (NXL/NPPL)
    • San Diego Legacy (NXL)
    • St. Louis Avalanche (NPPL)
    • Stockholm Joy Division (NPPL)
    • Texas Storm (NPPL)
    • Ultimate (NXL)

    Wednesday, July 26, 2006

    Kingman Spyder E-99 Review

    E-99 In Box [Click to Enlarge]Many changes have occurred within the paintball industry in 2002, the most significant is the introduction of affordably priced electronic guns. Even two years ago it was unheard of to see an electronic gun priced at under $500. Thanks to the advent of electronic grip frames, players no longer have to shell out hundreds of dollars to gain the benefits of full-auto and burst-fire triggers. Right now it only takes $200 to purchase a gun, like the Spyder E-99, that is capable of reaching 13 balls per second using full-auto firing. Of course it isn’t safe to compare $1,200 WDP Angels to $200 E-99s... But it is fair to say that the E-99 has a definite firepower advantage over its predecessor, the Spyder Xtra. Take note, the E-99 is a Spyder Xtra on steroids. The E-99 has almost all the same features and components of the Xtra with the exception that the older semi-auto trigger frame on the Xtra has been replaced with Kingman’s fully automatic ESP Frame.

    Parts Included:
    Inside the BoxIncluded along with the E-99 is a one year warranty, owners manual, barrel plug, a couple spare o-rings, and three allen wrenches. The owners manual is fairly well illustrated. It covers the basics of safety, gun operation, maintenance, and how to use and adjust the E-Frame. What is not included with the E-99?… a 9 volt battery. If you purchase an E-99, and plan on trying it out after it gets to your door, you need to have a 9 volt battery on hand. You don’t need to purchase a rechargeable 9 volt, but it is an option. If you do buy a rechargeable battery, don’t forget to buy a charger along with it.

    The E-99 doesn’t have every feature in the book, but it does come very nicely equipped for just under $200. Useful features equipped on the E-99 include the Spyder ESP Frame (full-auto, 3 shot , and 6 shot burst firing modes with adjustable rates of fire for each mode), mini-expansion chamber, enlarged low pressure chamber, vertical ball feed, double finger trigger, thumb velocity adjuster, quick field strip pin, drop forward, beavertail, and sight rail.

    Feature - Spyder ESP Frame:
    ESP FrameThe ESP frame is what sets the E-99 apart from its predecessor, the Spyder Xtra. If you have used the Xtra before, the accuracy, consistency, and internals of the E-99 are essentially the same. The only difference is the ESP Frame. It converts this gun into a full-auto paint throwing machine! The ESP frame gives you 4 firing mode options; semi-auto, 3 shot burst, 6 shot burst, and full-auto. In semi-auto mode, the trigger on the E-99 feels almost identical to the Xtra, but when you kick the ESP frame into full-auto mode there is no comparison. The burst and full-auto modes can be adjusted to fire at a rate anywhere from 5 - 13 balls per second. The ESP frame worked excellently throughout our testing.

    The Dip Switch Panel on the E-99To change between firing modes on the E-99’s ESP frame you need a small allen wrench to throw the small dip switches located inside the frame. If you look closely at the bottom of the ESP frame in the picture to the right, you can see the small panel of 6 dip switches. Switches 1-4 adjust the rate of fire and switches 5-6 adjust the firing mode. By varying combinations of the switches (either off or on) you can adjust the firing mode and rate of fire. You can access the switches through a small opening in the plastic window so you do not need to take the frame off every time you want to change settings. Also, for tournament players who can‘t use non-semi firing modes, there is a separate window included with the gun that does not have the adjustment opening.

    Two things I think need to be improved on the ESP frame 1) The plastic hand grips are far too wide and not very comfortable. The grips give the frame a very square feeling and make it far too large for average adult hands. The frame is large enough that I found myself having to twist my wrist forward a bit to find a semi-comfortable shooting position. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any aftermarket, soft rubber grips made to fit the ESP frame. 2) You need the instruction manual on you to figure out how to adjust the 6 dip switches to the desired firing mode and balls per second. Sure you can try throwing the switches every which way until you get the bps right, but an LCD display would be an option worth buying. Spyder does make an LCD display version of the ESP frame, but the E-99 is only available in the version that uses dip switches.

    Feature - Mini Expansion Chamber:
    Mini Expansion ChamberThe purpose of an expansion chamber is to prevent liquid CO2 from entering the internals of a paintball gun. Running liquid CO2 in most paintball guns can damage a gun’s o-rings. The mini expansion chamber is just like it says... miniature. The expansion chamber is only 2 inches long and is enclosed in the front gas-through grip. It may look like the entire front grip is an expansion chamber, but only about 2 inches of it is used for the chamber. Although the chamber is a little smaller than we expected, it was effective at preventing the gun from having liquid CO2 problems during our testing.

    Feature - Vertical Feed:
    Vertical Feed NeckThe vertical feed allows balls to feed faster into the gun, making it harder to “chop” balls when rapid firing. This is a necessity on the E-99 due to the high ball feed rate required for using full-auto mode. The vertical feed gives you an unobstructed view only down the side of the barrel. This can make it a challenge to get your first shot directly on target, but after a little practice, most players find the vertical feed setup to be the preferred feed for their gun.

    Field Stripping & Maintenance
    The E-99, just like the Xtra and most other Spyder markers, is very easy to field strip and clean. You can literally take the E-99 apart and put it back together in about 2 minutes. Spyder guns in general are very... very easy to maintain. A few drops of oil after each use and your gun should continue to work properly. When you take the E-99 apart, the bolt and striker are interconnected by a connecting pin, so both the bolt and striker come out at one time. This makes it a little harder if you only need to clean the bolt, but at any rate.... cleaning out the E-99 is a breeze compared to many other guns out there. The engineers at Kingman have done a great job on making the E-99 easy to clean and maintain.

    The ESP frame requires no maintenance except for exterior cleaning and periodically changing the 9 volt battery it runs off of. We fired around 3,500 shots through our E-99, never needing to replace the battery. Kingman roughly estimates the life of one 9 volt battery to be about 4000 - 7000 shots. Replacing the 9v battery is very simple and straightforward. Remember to never attempt to clean the interior of the ESP frame using a liquid solvent, this could ruin the circuit board.

    Balance and Field Performance

    Velocity Testing:
    Velocity TestingWe tested the E-99 using compressed air at a temperature of 60 degrees on an overcast day. For this test, we shot 2 groups of 10 rounds each across our chronograph. Group 1 was shot 10 minutes prior to group 2, both groups show about the same result. The graph to the right summarizes our results. Similar to the test results we obtained from the Spyder Xtra a year ago, the E-99’s velocity chart is a bit sporadic. The E-99 varied plus-minus about 7 balls per second from 285 feet per second, our “ideal” range is for speeds to stay within 4 fps from 285 at all times.

    On the Field:
    After our initial accuracy and consistency testing, we packed up the E-99 and brought it to the local paintball field for the day. We used the E-99 in semi-auto mode for the duration of our field test. During our accuracy testing, we noted that the E-99 generated a large amount of air blowback into the elbow. When we stacked one or two paintballs in the elbow and watched how they feed after each shot, we could see the ball on the top of the stack jump up about 1” after each shot. This was caused by air slipping out through the elbow rather than through the barrel. We wanted to see if the blowback would effect ball feed performance, so for the first couple of games we decided to go with a non-motorized ViewLoader hopper.

    After initially shooting about 100 paintballs, we experienced our first ball break. The bolt chopped a ball and paint sprayed down the barrel, and also back into the elbow. We tried to quickly squeegee the barrel and clean out the feed neck so we could finish out the game, but it is difficult to continue after a bad ball chop. After the first game, we gave the E-99 a thorough cleaning and headed back out for game two. Game 2 was yet another problem as we chopped yet another paintball about half way into the game. We had proven our theory that the E-99 needed to have an agitated (motorized) hopper, so after game 2 we switched over to a 12 Volt ViewLoader Revolution hopper. After making the switch to an agitated loader, we didn’t have any more balls get chopped in the E-99. The faster feed rate of the agitated loader kept the feed tube stacked with balls, making it much more difficult for balls to jump up after each shot. Once we made the switch over to an agitated loader, the E-99’s performance was excellent for the remainder of the day. We used just under 1,000 paintballs over the course of the day with no further problems.

    Tuesday, July 25, 2006

    Not All Paintball Markers Are Made The Same!

    There’s a wide selection of paintball markers on sale, so it pays to do your research to make sure you buy one that suits your abilities. Paintball guns range in price from under $200 for a decent entry level gun, such as a Spyder or Tippmann, to over $1000 for a tournament style marker such as an Angel paintgun. If you’ve just discovered the sport of paintballing and want to play regularly, it makes sense to buy your own gun and gear rather than rent it each time you go to games. As well as a marker, all paintballers must wear masks out on the field, and you’ll need to check out equipment like hoppers and air tanks too.

    Paintball gun packages can be a cheap way to buy all the supplies you need in one go, but make sure you’re getting value for money. There are some top quality markers available at discount prices, but there are a few tips you should know to help you choose which is the best deal. First of all, decide whether you want a basic pump action gun, a semi auto or a fully automatic. These various types have different rates of fire and work in different ways. Look for a paintball marker that doesn’t need lots of upgrades to improve its performance and that’s easy to keep clean and maintain. Some paintballers like to change barrels and add electronic trigger frames to make their gun shoot faster, but this shouldn’t be necessary if you buy a decent sniper.

    When you’re running around during the game dodging your opponents paintballs and grenades, you want a gun that you can depend on. Get info on reliable models by reading reviews in magazines and by speaking to other paintballers. Look for guns with a sturdy construction that aren’t cheaply made, but are light enough to maneuver easily out on the field. A metal body is generally preferable to plastic. Black, camouflage or matte colors won’t make you stand out as much as a brightly colored shiny marker. Check the air supply. A CO2 tank is better than cartridges.

    There are some fantastic deals to be found at online paintball stores. All sorts of markers, safety gear and other paintball stuff can be found on the internet at affordable prices. By shopping around you should be able to get the marker you want at a great price. Check out for more information all the leading markers at discount prices.

    Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    Paintball Gear

    T68 Genocide

    Are you sick of your puny paintball marker?...
    Then get a grenade launching, bipod mounted, laser scoped, paintball marker!
    t68-genocide.jpg [60658 bytes]
    T68 Genocide from Real Action Paintball for $1,199 USD.

    Gun Guide for Experienced Players

    Well you can go one of two ways. You can get a relatively cheap gun(That is still nice and dependable) and then add-on a lot of stuff to your specifications(in my opinion this is always the best thing, it really gives it a custom feel and lets yuo decide everything). You can also get a high end gun but with limited variation(maybe like a new barrel at most). What you should really look for is a gun that will last you a while, one that you like, and one that will do what you want. If you want to longball and you got a gun that doesn't shoot long, don't get it. If you want to storm bunkers and provide covering fire and jump right into it, don't get a long-range gun.
    Its all really preference, personally I just got back in the game and got a piranha(they are pretty customizable, I know there are better and stuff but I trust it and I used it a few years back, it hasn't done my wrong so far biggrin.gif , I've even seen guns of other brands give out before it), out of all the guns I wanted to get a piranha because later on as better and better technologies come out they usually fit onto a piranha cause it has the normal layout(and I wasn't ready to buy a higher-end marker). But what you should really look for is a nice gun(for 200 bucks you can get a pretty good gun, my piranha goes for 180 but I got it on sale for 120, it was a nice sale. But if you want a higher gun, they aren't cheap, I got my Trix for 600 and that was very very good) and then for the time being get some upgrades that you would enjoy and can help you with your shooting and accuracy and range.
    Then over time build up onto the gun as you develop as a player. So as the sport evolves so does your gun. But thats just my opinion some people like to get a gun that has everything on it already and they don't like to add anything on, personally I prefer a custom touch. Its all up to you, also I wouldn't go by name brands just because they are said to be popular and the such, go with the one you have had the most luck with and you have seen on a field that can do some damage. See ya and Good luck!

    Sunday, July 16, 2006

    Tactics & Strategies For Beginner

    Here are tips and tactics to help you take your game to the next level.
    Beginner Strategy: Ten Tips To Play Better Paintball
    Want to be a better paintballer? Here are ten cheap and easy ways to play better the next time you step on the field without spending a lot of time or money.
    Improving Your Shot
    Want to be a better paintball player? This article will give you tips on how to get the most out of your practice sessions.
    Basic Do’s and Don’ts
    Learn paintball’s basic ground rules for safety and sportsmanship.
    Be Unpredictable
    In everyday life, it helps to have a routine. But paintball isn’t everyday life. Learn some new moves and make yourself unpredictable.
    Beware of Tunnel Vision
    Have you ever gotten shot seemingly out of nowhere? If so, you probably fell prey to that common newbie mistake -- tunnel vision. Find out what it is and how to avoid it.

    Crawling 101
    Crawling is a slow way to move on a paintball field, but it can give you a great advantage by allowing you to stay hidden. Learn when and how to crawl during a paintball game.
    Don’t Be a Hoser
    Think there isn't a paintball gun out there that could shoot fast enough for you? Go through a case of paint in one day? Then you should learn that shooting well is much more impressive than shooting frequently.
    Don’t Shoot Long
    New players love to shoot at targets that are out of range. Stop it!
    Don’t think twice!
    As a new paintball player, it’s only natural to hesitate. Don’t! There’s only one way to learn and win this game – by doing

    Eliminating Your Opponents
    Hitting another player and eliminating him or her is not the same thing. Paintballs have an annoying habit of bouncing off your opponents. Here are some quick strategies for increasing the number of successful hits you get out on the field.
    Help! I don’t know how to play!
    You’ve never played before, and you’re afraid you’re going to get pounced on the field. Don’t let it stop you. Paintball basics are simple.
    How to Improve Your Aim
    These paintball drills are easy to set up but challenging to do. Keep on practicing and soon you’ll notice the difference in your aim (and in the amount of paint you need!)
    Keep Your Sights on the Goal
    Many players tend to make up their own objectives when playing paintball. Make sure your personal goal isn't going against the true objective of the game – to win!
    Play as a team
    Take advantage of the fact that paintball is a team sport by using these quick strategies.
    Play tight
    Tired of those chest shots? Learn how to make yourself a small target out on the paintball field.
    Stop and Check Yourself
    Some players are too quick to yell they are out when they feel a hit. Before eliminating yourself, make sure the paint actually broke on you.
    Teamwork 101
    How do you make a good team on the field? By being friends off the field, communicating, trusting each other to watch your backs, and sharing credit for a job well done.

    Friday, July 14, 2006

    Tactical Paintball Gun

    Get Real Life Experience With This Tactical Paintball Gun!

    Latest News:
    Presenting the T68 Generation 3 Paintball Gun! This is the most
    highly celebrated T68 Series paintball gun to ever be released, and
    for good reason: durability, features, aesthetics, and it'll shoot any
    .68 caliber paintball. The T68 Generation 3 Paintball Gun is designed
    for high speed games that call for instant and precise response
    with completely reliable equipment. With such features as the
    Atom Smasher Trigger System, this unit is manufactured for
    full-blown paint-combat.

    The T68 Generation 3 Paintball Gun is best for individuals who
    believe in tactical precision--where every shot counts, and every
    ball eliminates an opponent. With an advanced hammer and power
    spring, this marker will deliver head shots at 150 feet, with a max
    range of 300 feet. They use standard .68 caliber paintballs and can
    be used at any paintball field.
    The T68 Gen3 has a
    removable carry handle with standard iron sights adjustable
    for elevation and windage. With the carry handle removed,
    the T68 Gen3 can take any standard scope, sight or mount on the
    flattop rail. The T68 Gen3 has an authentic charging handle, just
    like a real assault rifle.

    Military and law enforcement groups can use the T68 Gen3 for tactical
    training. It is perfect for room clearing and building entry training,
    teaching CQB marksmanship and firearm safety. The T68 Gen3 is
    fabricated with weight, width and length that is comparable to authentic M16/M4 style assault rifles, and the pistol grip is identical to that
    on an M4. This gives officers a true-to-life feel as if they were holding their
    duty gear. The T68 Gen3 will change the face of paintball and give the
    military and law enforcement agencies new training gear...and your
    scenario gaming will never be the same again.

    Thursday, July 13, 2006

    New Marker From Spyder

    Spyder Pilot ACS 2005

    Spyder Pilot ACS 2005 Paintball Guns feature:
  • Electronic trigger frame with LED readout
  • New Anti-Chop System (ACS)
  • Up to 20 balls per second firing capability
  • Low pressure chamber
  • New style drop forward
  • Expansion chamber
  • Vertical feed
  • Steel braided bottomline
  • Double trigger with cutlass style guard
  • Rubber side panel grips
  • Tournament style velocity adjuster
  • New cut body for lightweight performance
  • Matte finish
  • Ported muzzle break "twist" barrel

  • Blue/Black Spyder Pilot ACS 05 Paintball Guns
    Reg. Price: $239.95
    Xtreme Price:

    Wednesday, July 12, 2006


    A paintball is a capsule of vegetable oil based dye, which comes in different colors and variations. It is used in a military type combat games consisting of teams. The players of the team have to eliminate the opposing players by shooting these paintballs at them. When a paintball hits a player he gets eliminated.

    Paintballs are made in a unique way. They are basically gelatin capsules, which contain colored liquid. This paint or color liquid is safe as it is non-toxic, water soluble and biodegradable.

    Paintballs weigh only a few grams and measure only 1.7 cm in diameter. When they hit a person, they burst and leave a splatter of paint on the person. The size of this splatter is about 13 cm.

    Players use gas powered guns to shoot paintballs at each other. The use of paintballs provides the players with real time atmosphere and situations.

    The history of Paintball

    The history of paintball can be traced back into the early 1970’s. During this period paintball guns were mainly used as a tool for marking livestock and tress. Then in 1981, some 12 friends introduced paintball as a recreational game. They used industrial paintball guns. These twelve friends played this game for the first time on a field of over 100 acres. The game paintball was originally named as “the national survival game”.

    Paintball-the evolution

    It started with normal paintball guns and paintball, and the game was simple –hit each other and win. Since that time paintball has become popular all over the world. It has become a globally recognized recreational activity. The game has evolved and has become more sophisticated. Today people from all around the world form their teams set up international tournaments and leagues. There are continuous innovations happening in the construction of new games and fields of paintball.

    With the growing number of paintball fans the paintball industry is also blooming. They are developing commercial paintball fields. In 1982, the first commercial outdoor paintball field was developed. Since then developments of new fields have kept paintball enthusiasts coming back for more fun and excitement.

    Today there are prizes set up by organizations for the winning teams. The players keep on updating their paintball guns, with the advent of newer technologies.

    The basic thing which sets this game apart from other games is the type of equipment involved. Not too many games involve such adept use of guns.

    The famous paintball games

    Since the advent of paintball as a game, people and industries have both developed new style of game combating. But there are some famous paintball games that are played and enjoyed by paintball enthusiasts.

    Capture the flag

    It is a classic paintball game. This game includes two opposing teams. The teams have to acquire the opponent’s flag and hang their flag on a designated location. During this process, the players of the either team have to protect their own flag.

    When this game is played in tournaments, it requires skills and intelligence. If a team eliminates all the players of the opposition, having none of their players eliminated and hangs the flag within the allotted time, they are said to have ‘maxed’ the opposition. The term ‘maxed’ implies that they have scored the maximum possible points that could be achieved in the game.

    Center flag

    This paintball game is similar to capture the flag. There is only one difference. The flag to be captured is hung in the centre of the field. The teams have captured that flag and hang it on a designated location. This designated location is somewhere on the opposition base.


    This paintball game requires that the elimination of all the members of the opposition. The objective of the teams is to hit the players of the opposing team and get them all eliminated. Whichever team eliminates all the players of the opposing team wins the game.

    Paintball has emerged as game of wits and strategies. It is becoming popular all over the world and is gaining an ever-growing fan base