Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball PS2

Short Description
Building on the intense speed action of Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball, a 2004 sleeper hit, features more new field locations, and over 100 new field layouts. Players will use a combination of speed and tactics to take out their opponents, including 14 pros from Keely Watson and Chris LaSoya to Greg Hastings.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Don’t Underestimate Paintball Girls

by: Anne Morris

If you think paintball is a game only for the guys, then you are in for a surprise. Many girls also enjoy the game and are starting to make their presence known in the world of paintball. There is always an all female team in every major tournament for paintball and many females turn out to participate. And some of them are exceptional players. Just because the players are girls, don’t let it fool you into thinking they are not formidable.

Actually, some say that paintball girls are better suited for the game and have an advantage over males on the field. For one reason, females are usually smaller and are therefore harder to hit and it is easier for them to hide. Also paintball girls tend to be more patient than their male counterparts and will therefore have no problems out waiting an opponent until he outs himself. Some have noted that paintball girls tend to bond quicker and better than the males and therefore work together better as a team.

Paintball girls don’t like to be restricted to playing amongst all girls however, but are eager to compete against the men on the paintball field. Most of the paintball tournaments have at least a few girls competing against men.

The all girl paintball teams have taken down many all male paintball teams. Not only do these paintball girls have to be tough and strong to go up against the men, but they have also had to overcome a lot of obstacles to be able to compete in tournaments. Paintball girls may look meek and somewhat fragile, but in this case, appearances are quite misleading. They can use this to their advantage too as men tend to underestimate the ability of female players of paintball. Most paintball girls are extremely serious about the sport and they are very good at it.

Women are no different from men in the beginning because everyone hesitates to suffer the pain of being shot. And getting hit by a paintball can be extremely painful. But once the game gets underway and the adrenaline kicks in, some paintball girls get hooked; and who could blame them? Paintball is an exciting game that is quite competitive but is also fun to play.

So if you thought paintball was just a guy’s game, you can see that isn’t the case. Women are quickly joining the ranks of exceptional paintball players and many have become aficionados of the game. The next time you are on the paintball field, watch out for those paintball girls, they make for formidable opponents.

Monday, November 20, 2006

NForcer Review

The nForcer mask is produced by JT and is basically of the same design as the nVader with one glaring exception. The spectra lens system which provides a superior field of vision. The nVader, as well as many other goggle systems on the market can produce a tunnel vision effect because of their narrow lenses. Protection of this particular goggle is SUPERIOR. This is a mask that is GREAT for BIG HEADS! The DYE Invision and JT Proteus masks are meant for people with such little heads that infuriates me that they were designed so small. Ya it is nice to have a low profile but how would you like to call out to your teammate and eat a paintball as it flys into your mouth. If you you have a big head, get a big mask. The nForcer and nVader both provie great ear protection as well, with the mask wrapping around for complete protection. The one small con of this mask is the ability to talk clearly through it but other than that I give it an A. Price ranges fro about 30 for a non thermal to 40 for a thermal. Buy a thermal.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

NXe Elevation Series Barrel Cover Strange Edition

The NXe® Strange paintball marker barrel cover is constructed with a reinforced outer lining and a heavy-duty polypropylene webbing strip that's mounted on the inside for reliable protection and durability.


  • Reinforced outer lining
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene webbing strip mounted on inside
  • Adjustable elastic cord included
  • Elevation nylon
  • Dimensions: 6 in x 2.5 in x .5 in
  • Weight: 0.0875 lb