Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ariakon 2008 SIM-5 Pro Elite Paintball Guns

This Ariakon SIM-series paintball gun requires a remote coil to connect to your CO2 or HP tank. You may select one from the options below if you don't already own one.

Knowing that today’s market plays tough, equipment must also be tough and able to take a beating. The body and barrel of the SIM-5™ are fabricated of a high quality aluminum alloy, while the stock, fore-grip, and trigger assembly are made of a virtually indestructible polymer compound. This combination of materials keeps the weight down while remaining durable. No matter how hard you play, your SIM-5™ will play harder for you, and then ask for more.

Let’s face it; breaking paintballs is an annoying fact that every marker in the world has. The SIM-5™ features the fastest barrel removal of any marker. Its unique quick-release barrel design allows you to remove, clean, re-insert, and secure your barrel in under 5 seconds. It is time-saving features like these that make this marker and your team win a battle rather than lose a player.

One of the importance's of any marker’s design is the ability to maintain it. The SIM-5™ once again delivers what you need. Our design team went beyond the call of duty by engineering this marker to be disassembled quickly and easily without special tools or equipment. Thus, this marker brings down the maintenance routine to an enjoyable experience.

Getting the most realistic and durable marker on the market without the sacrifice of performance or quality has just been made easy. Welcome to the realm of the new player. Welcome to the realm of the SIM-5™.

    Key features
  • NEW traditional Navy-style handguard
  • NEW improved trigger frame
  • NEW improved barrel pin
  • NEW improved ball detent
  • High-intensity red/green dot scope for quick target acquisition
  • Tactical flashlight
  • RIS hand guard with four accessory rails
  • .68 caliber
  • R.I.S. system
  • Silencer style barrel extension
  • High flow bolt
  • MP5 style cocking lever
  • Powered by either CO2 or HPA
  • Quick field strip pins
  • MP5 style safety
  • Retractable shoulder stock
  • Semi-automatic fire
  • Included sling mounts
  • Adjustable sights for windage and elevation
  • Uses all standard hoppers (electronic recommended)
Ariakon 2008 SIM-5 Pro Elite Paintball Guns