Monday, April 27, 2009

Paintball Headlines : 2009 Castle Conquest Pics

2009 Castle Conquest Pics

Posted: 26 Apr 2009 03:25 PM PDT

Jt has supplied the public with some pics from 2009 Castle Conquest.

2009 Castle Conquest Pics - Paintball

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kingman Training Giveaway at DC Challenge

Kingman Training Giveaway at DC Challenge

Posted: 25 Apr 2009 11:33 AM PDT


Alex Fraige and B-Real having fun with the Erasers.

Kingman Training will be hosting a 2v2 challenge on May 15 and 16 on the center court during halftime at the USPL DC Challenge. Winners will receive the KT Eraser.

Kingman will also have a shooting range open for those who want to test fire an Eraser.

Kingman Training Giveaway at DC Challenge - Paintball

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Virtue Crown Available for the Rotor

Virtue Crown Available for the Rotor

Posted: 24 Apr 2009 12:14 PM PDT


The Virtue Crown for the Rotor includes 3 parts: Locking Ring, Crown, and the Rotor Lid Adapter. All 3 parts (included) are necessary.

Rotor Crown Features:

* Ultra Soft version: Available in new, durable, sag-resistant colors. Feed lightening fast while keep most paint in securely.
* Standard version: Available in black. Feed quickly, once you master the learning curve, and never lose a ball again.
* Reliable, durable elastomer construction.
* Increases hopper capacity by 15 to 20 extra balls.
* Easy Open & Close lid functionality (with future Rain Cover upgrade).
* Secure Locking Ring w/ new enhanced thumbscrew.
* Heavy-duty plastic lid adapter with pin.

The Crown is available in two types of Elastomer. Neither is “best”, decide based on your style of play.

Ultra Soft Elastomer:
The fastest reload with a low chance of paint coming out. Ultra Soft Elastomer keeps paint from coming out under most conditions, but vigorous shaking may lose a few balls. Note: Our new Ultra Soft Elastomer Color Crowns is a special formula that minimizes sagging and drooping over time.

Standard Elastomer:
Offers a quick reload with NO chance of paint coming out. Rigid, but flexible Elastomer lets NO balls out, even with the most vigorous shaking.

From my experience, the crown is a solid quick feed system. It is much better than most of quick feed systems for hoppers out there; the only one I think is just as good is the speed feed from Exalt.

I’ve also heard from some players that the quick feed apparatus from Dye isn’t all that great. They have said that it has broken on them a few times, proving to be unreliable.

Prices for the Crown:
From Virtue - standard = 24.99
From Virtue - Ultra soft = 31.99

From Action Village - standard = 19.99

From Action Village - Ultra Soft = 26.99

Price of Quick feed - 29.95

Virtue Crown Available for the Rotor - Paintball

Friday, April 24, 2009

USPL Now Supplying Batteries

USPL Now Supplying Batteries

Posted: 23 Apr 2009 04:31 PM PDT

Having your gun or hopper go down in the middle of a game because it was low on batteries sucks. So, USPL has you covered as long as you pre-order the batteries.

Here’s how it works:
1) Select one of the following options
2) Fill out the form below and email to batteries (at) uspaintballleague (dot) com before May 4th, 2009 (copy and paste it into an email)
3) Pick up your package at the US Paintball League Registration Tent at the event!

2009 Battery Order Form - DC Challenge

Please complete this form and email to, the preorder deadline for the DC Challenge event is May 4th, 2009. Your batteries will be available for pick up during check-in at the US Paintball League registration tent.

Contact details
Team Name ________________________________
Division ___________________________________
Contact ________________________________________Cell Phone (_____) ______________
City __________________________________ State________________ Zip__________
Email Address_____________________________________________Website_________________

______Pack USPL 1 (12) 9V Alkaline & (72) AA Alkaline (12 packs of 6AA) $75 Price (instead of $102)

______Pack USPL 2 (24) 9V Alkaline & (0) AA Alkaline (0 packs of 6AA) $60 Price (instead of $84)

______ Prepayment via Paypal to our paypal account
______ Payment during the event

Please send the above form to

USPL Now Supplying Batteries - Paintball

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PSP Increases Time for D3 Race to 4

PSP Increases Time for D3 Race to 4

Posted: 21 Apr 2009 02:06 PM PDT

The original time limit for D3 race to 4 was 10minutes. Upon further consultation with players and coaches, PSP has
increased the time limit for D3 race to 4 to 12minutes starting at MAO.

PSP Increases Time for D3 Race to 4 - Paintball

2009 MAO Webcast

Posted: 21 Apr 2009 02:00 PM PDT

PSP Mid-Atlantic Open will be available for your viewing pleasure on the interwebs via webcast.

Features of the MAO webcast:
- 8 camera angles inc. an overhead cam
- Game analysis
- player interviews
- Instant replay
- Behind the scenes footage
- FREE to watch on May 2nd and 3d

2009 MAO Webcast - Paintball

Hotels for USPL DC Challenge

Posted: 21 Apr 2009 01:53 PM PDT

Registration is now open for the May 15 - 17, 2009 DC Challenge being held at Pev’s Paintball Park Pro Training Facility in Aldie, VA. There are over 30 hotels within 20 minutes of the DC Challenge venue. We suggest teams stay in Chantilly, VA and fly into Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD).

Hilton Garden Inn Dulles North

22400 Flagstaff Plz
Ashburn, VA, 20148
Rates as low as $61.00 at
*Please note, this hotel is on a toll road*

Hilton Washington Dulles Airport

13869 Park Center Rd
Herndon, VA, 20171
Rates as low as $79.20 at

Comfort Inn & Suites Washington Dulles Airport
45515 Dulles Plz
Dulles, VA, 20166
Rates as low as $74.99 at

Wingate by Wyndham - Chantilly - Dulles Airport

3940 Centerview Dr
Chantilly, VA, 20151
Rates as low as $101.97 at

Holiday Inn Select Chantilly-Dulles Expo Center

4335 Chantilly Shopping Ctr
Chantilly, VA, 20151
Rates as low as $102.33 at

Hyatt Place Dulles Airport South
4994 Weston Plaza
Chantilly, VA, 20151
Rates as low as $122.33 at

Hotels for USPL DC Challenge - Paintball

Monday, April 20, 2009

New NXE Tank Cover

DC Challenge Field Layout

USPL DC Challenge will be at Pev’s Paintball Park in Aldie, VA May 15 - 17, 2009

Ultimate Woodsball League Announces 2009 Sponsors

Ultimate Woodsball League Announces 2009 Sponsors

The 2009 Ultimate Woodsball League season to be supported by numerous top industry companies!

The Ultimate Woodsball League, one of the most anticipated and exciting new leagues in the paintball world, is gathering support for its inaugural season from throughout the paintball industry! Companies from both scenario and even tournament backgrounds, large and small, are lining up to support the Ultimate Woodsball League and its players as the league prepares for its first competitions. In addition to companies whose names are already well-known in woodsball circles, some of the names that will sponsor the Ultimate Woodsball League in 2009 may pleasantly surprise the traditional woodsball crowd!

2009 Ultimate Woodsball League Major Sponsors
Ultimate Paintball
Dye Precision
Tippmann Sports
BT Paintball
Kingman Training
Bob Long

2009 Ultimate Woodsball League Supporting Sponsors
GAT Products
Guerrilla Air
Full Clip USA

GenX Global

Trinity Paintball

2009 Ultimate Woodsball League Media Sponsors
Paintball X3 Magazine
Facefull/Jungle Magazine
Paintball Sports Magazine

Featuring an in-depth but simple and all-encompassing rulebook that allows for players with any type of paintball gun to compete on a level playing field, Ultimate Woodsball League events will be played on fields featuring two bases and two objectives. Teams will compete to capture the two objectives and their opponent’s base, and to hold both their own, receiving one point for each minute each objective is held. This format will enable teams to create in-depth strategies for capturing whichever objectives they see fit, rather than simply forcing the opposing teams to slug it out over a single, mid-field objective as is the case in other tactical leagues. For a complete field map along with rules and more information on the Ultimate Woodsball League, visit the league’s official website at

2009 UWL Schedule of Events
April 25 – 26 California SC Village
May 16 – 17 Illinois Badlandz

June 11 - 12 Oklahoma D-Day

July 18 - 19 South Carolina Adventure Beach

August 1 – 2 California SC Village

August 29 – 30 Pennsylvania Three Rivers

September 12 – 13 Texas Cousins Paintball
October 3 – 4 Florida XPX

Registration for the inaugural events of the Ultimate Woodsball League opens March 10, 2009.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kingman Training - UPDATED

Kingman just sent out an email blast announcing the official release date of their new paintball pistols, the Kingman Chaser and Eraser. You can purchase them in stores beginning April 3, 2009. Use their store locator to find the nearest store or online retailer to buy.

Kingman Eraser

Kingman has released a video for their new Kingman Training paintball guns, the Chaser and Eraser. The video is very informative and visual, showing you all the different specs and colors of the two new pistols. It's only about a minute long, so it's worth a peek. They look very realistic as mentioned in my post only a few weeks ago. But that's what they were going for.

Kingman Training targets more "tactical" markets like S.W.A.T, Police, F.B.I and even some military organizations - as well as private companies that use aggressive forces. The Chaser and Eraser are perfect tactical scenario paintball guns best suited for a "real environment". These are available to the public, of course. Perfect for 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 backyard games as well. All backed by the Kingman brand. You can't get much better than that.

How much?
Chaser - $199.95
Eraser - $249.95

Autonomous Turret Sentry Project

Here's your worst enemy ... or friend: a Paintball gun mounted on an Autonomous Turret Sentry. Its purpose... well, after watching the video above I hope you can see the capabilities of this... masterpiece. The Sentry Project was started in a garage by an avid backyard paintballer. After over a year of tedious revisions, it has developed through 9 prototypes and is the most evolved Autonomous Sentry on the web. The paintball sentry uses software that is specifically written for a custom servo controller, a device that sends commands to servos to aim and fire the paintball gun. The software was written by the designer to enable the turret to rapidly track, anticipate and engage multiple targets - and is very customizable.

If you've already had your eye on this project, you should know that recently more videos were released by its creator. They're all worth a watch, the creator updates his website and youtube page with videos all the time. It's very cool to see such an advanced paintball project unfold.

The designer claims that you can build one of these paintball sentrys for under $500. He sells software kits directly through his eBay store. The software kit is the most inexpensive solution for owning your own Automated Sentry. It is ideal for those of you who are mechanically inclined or have custom applications in mind. He plans to sell completed turrets in the future after he simplifies its construction

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dye Invision Paintball Mask Review

Invision Mask

_____Which mask is really the right choice for me? There are more choices than most people can deal with when choosing paintball masks: hard or soft plastic, small profile or full head coverage, quick change lenses or regular, what color? As a recreational player and a local tournament player I wanted something with a small profile that didn't fog up. Several other local players recommended the Dye Invision, so I picked up a new one at the local field.

_____On first inspection the Invision was much smaller then any other masks I have used in the past. Dye designed the Invision mask so that the lens and face protector would sit extremely close to the face. The sides of the mask are made of a softer plastic that sits close to the head and ears. The Invision meets all the goals of the typical paintball mask; it fits snugly around the face and ears, provides good head and jaw protection, creates a small profile, and gives a field of vision found only in the very best masks. When on the head, the Invision feels small and a bit weak, but safety tests have proven that the Invison can withstand impacts of more than twice the force that paintballs can produce.

_____Personally, I have always loved taking things apart and putting them back together, I do it way too often. Lens FrameI also believe that every player should be familiar with every piece of their equipment So within 5 minutes the brand new Dye Invision was in six different pieces on the table. It is made to break down into six specific pieces; lens, goggle frame, strap assembly, front mask, ear pieces, and visor. EarpieceThe lens is rounded horizontally and vertically to create a wide field of vision, cause less lens distortion, and produce a closer fit to the face. The lens is not easy to remove; this is because of Dye's "Forward Tab Retention System". The goggle is designed to hold the lens more securely than any other mask. Around the lens is the goggle frame which is made of very strong rubber and is colored according to the vents. The foam on the back of the goggle frame is very soft and made of several different layers. The strap assembly fits onto the goggle and can be adjusted to fit any head size, this piece is also color coded with the rest of the mask. The strap is not easily removed and it is recommended by the manual that you don't remove it, oops. The goggle frame, with the strap attached, connects to the front of the mask which is made of hard plastic. This hard plastic is flexible but not to any significant degree. It is fitted with 8 colored vents and a number of small air holes in order to provide better communication. The front part of the mask protects the nose, the mouth, and the bottom of the face. The ear protector is made of soft plastic which molds to the head and has a number of holes for ventilation and hearing. The last piece, the visor, is optional. It keeps the sun, rain, and snow off of the lens. Without the visor you have an even smaller profile, but chances are if a ball was going to hit the visor it would just hit you in the head instead. Well with my Invision put back in one piece I was on to the field for a few games.

_____On the field I fell in love with the Invision right away. The mask is light so when I was popping in and out of bunkers I didn't feel weighed down at all. The soft plastic at the back of the mask is really nice, I didn't have any problem at all hearing through it; the ear piece even took a couple of bounces later in the day. The strap held the mask perfectly still when running and the foam around the lenses stayed comfortable all day. I found that the sun bothered me when I took the visor off and even when I put the visor back on I wished it was just a little bit longer.

_____For its level of protection, the Dye Invision gets a score of 8/10. It gives excellent protection to most of the face, but it fails to offer good protection to the very top of the head. Even with the visor on I would still recommend wearing a baseball cap on backwards to add a little cushioning. If you don't use the visor, then it pretty much cuts off protecting your head from the eyebrows up.

_____I have to rate the lens an 8/10: no fogging at all, excellent clarity, and tons of different options (2 different reflective outer coating colors, 4 different colors that fade from the top down, and 3 different standard colors plus clear). The dye invison loses two points in the lens category because it is hard to remove.

_____I rate the appearance of the mask a 9/10; it comes in tons of colors (yellow, red, blue, smoke, clear and olive), small profile and it just plain looks cool.

_____I give the ability to communicate though the Invision a 10/10; the vents let your voice be heard load and clear, and the soft plastic sits close to the ears but muffles very few sounds from the game.

_____I give the profile a 9/10 for the smallest profile I have ever seen, but recommend that people wear a backwards baseball hat to soften the impact of any paintball hits to the top of the head.

_____I rate the Invision a 9/10 for comfort; you get an extremely comfortable feel around the eyes, where the soft foam of the goggle meets the skin on your face. The head strap is also comfortable and doesn't change sizes when on your head.

_____Everything has a down side, and the Dye Invision has two, first the vents at the front of the mask protect well but if you take a paintball in the center of the vents, a lot of the paint goes right into your mouth. Second, the cost, at $64-$74 the DYE Invision carries a hefty price tag, however you need to consider that you often get what you pay for.

_____Overall, I rate the Invision a 9/10 and recommend it to anyone that is looking for a small profile and a light weight goggle system. Your best option as a player is to go to a local pro shop and try a few paintball masks on, think about how comfortable they are, what kind of size/weight you are looking for, and what your price range is.

Dye Invison Ratings:
_____Protection: 8/10
_____Lens: 8/10
_____Appearance: 9/10
_____Communication 10/10
_____Profile: 9/10
_____Comfort: 9/10
_____Overall: 9/10

Bunkering 101 - Tactics & The Surrender Rule

BunkeringOne thing all of us paintball players run into constantly is the issue of bunkering. This article will cover both the aspects of bunkering and the heated debate between bunkering players or surrendering them, an issue field owners and referees at recreational fields run across all the time.

Bunkering 101
Bunkering can be defined as eliminating an opposing player at close range, usually within 7 feet of each other. As simple as this may sound, the concept of bunkering and tactics involved in actually performing this maneuver can be quite complicated and exciting. This section is designed to give you, the experienced reader, some tips on performing this maneuver, or backing someone up who is attempting to bunker an opponent.

Back Player Strategies:
Always keep an eye on the target of whom your front player is aiming to bunker. As the bunkering is about to commence, make sure to keep a steady stream of paint to the side of your rushing front player to keep the receiver of the bunkering down. Back LineAnother, more effective strategy, is attempting to keep the target busy. Keep popping out of your bunker and distracting the target, let him attempt to shoot you out. While he is busy working on marking you, your front player can hurry to the opposite side of the players bunker and shoot the target on his blind side. Always keep in mind that if the target has supporting players, have your other teammates try keeping them down so your front player will not get shot out while on the run to bunker one of your opponents. The most important tactic in supporting your front player is to keep in oral contact with him. Shout as much information as you get to him, and cue to him when he should run up. Of course though, do not make obvious comments such as Go for it! Bunker the dude in the dorito NOW!, or you may be more of a disadvantage than an advantage.

Front Player Strategies:
As the front player, you obviously hold the most important position in bunkering someone. You should be close up in the action, near the center of the field named the 50. Always keep your eyes open and do not develop the horror in paintball known as tunnel vision, where you concentrate only on a single point, and ignore your surrounding, which can and probably will lead to you being eliminated from the side or getting bunkered yourself. Always expect to be rushed up on, and be aware of what is happening. You should always be talking with your supporting back player, and popping out the bunker and shooting at the opposing teams back player to keep him down, to prevent communication between the other teams back and front players, which can help prevent yourself from getting bunkered and your team trampled upon. When getting prepared to bunker your opposing front player, expect the other teams back players to lay paint on you. Don't get caught on the run.Stay low when running and NEVER keep your gun down. With experienced players, it is not be a good idea to shoot a steady stream of paint at their bunker while running up to bunker them, as they will usually recognize this sign and get ready to counter you. Stay low and quiet, and run as fast as you can. When reaching the bunker, try to hit the opponents blind side. Many players tend to fire off a certain point of their bunker for a minute or two during the game. Look at their patterns and try to intercept them while they are looking in a different direction. Going over the top of their bunker to bunker them can be very useful too when you are being shot at constantly by the opposing back players. In all cases, one of the most important things to remember is that you are just as vulnerable as your target when attempting to perform a bunker.

Bunkering vs Surrendering
Recreational fields where weekend warriors can get away from the hassle of daily life often face monetary, hiring, and other important aspects of running a field. The most common rules controversy between recreational fields is the decision whether to use the surrender rule or play without restrictions, and allowing bunkering. The surrender rule has the very simple concept, but often tedious execution of not allowing players to shoot each other within 10 feet of each other, but rather yelling surrender at them to avoid close-range shots which can often be painful and discouraging to newer and younger players alike. The problem with the surrender rule is the lack of a player having a built-in distance sensor in their brain. The SnakeYes, this may seem a bit absurd, but players cannot always tell the distance they are from the other. In a related anecdote, I was recently playing at my local indoor field, which had the surrender rule in play. After going around an inflatable bunker at the 50-yard line and screaming for my neighboring enemy to surrender, I promptly received a shot to the goggles. The player was new, and did not quite remember the rule. So what should have been done here? Both the player and I who shot me were pulled from the game and counted as being eliminated. In a related story, at the same indoor field, I attempted a few games later to surrender a player by screaming surrender! at him from 11 yards away (sorry, no sensor in my brain), and of course, got shot. After consulting the referees of why I was pulled from the game, they told me that I was just a tad too far away to surrender the player. I had tried to show mercy on the new player that game as he had his entire side of the body exposed to my paintball marker. It is my belief that until a universal rule is established that can be easily followed by everyone, such being no rule at all (bunkering not prohibited), that incidents such as these can be avoided. If players are afraid to be shot from close range, they should select another group of players to play with that can follow and acknowledge the surrender rule immediately. Many fields now are resorting to splitting up groups of players between a bunkering group for the more experienced players, and a surrender group for the less experienced, which is for now the only solution to this problem.

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Are Paintball Sniper Guns point and shoot?

Are Paintball Sniper Guns point and shoot?. This can be reasonably effective at shorter ranges, but not at any distance. If you have or pick up a good rifled sniper barrel, then your aim starts to get much more accurate. With a decent sniper gun and rifled barrel, a scope does actually work. Think making a good clean shot at distances that would catch most players by surprisal. The more powerful your gun and better your barrel, the more high powered of a scope you can use, and the farther off you can pick off your opponents. Groupings within 3 inches at 60 feet are possible and more than enough to hit your mark.

Masks and goggles can get in the way of course when seeking to use a scope. There are some really good offset scopes and mounts available that help this problem considerably. An offset scope is just one that allows the scope to be off to the side of the gun, allowing you to aim without your mask getting in the way.

Special of the nicer guns also come with a red dot site for shorter targets and quick aiming as well a scope for lengthier distances. You can even get a laser pointer, and see where your shot is going to hit. Of course without a good rifled sniper gun or barrel, where you aim and where it goes will be erratic. If you want to do any real sniping, you definitely need the right equipment. Sniper Barrels are relatively cheap and you can get one to exchange the barrel on most existing guns. If you want to get a serious paintball sniper gun, there are some out there, like the T68 Extreme Sniper with 3-12x50 Scope Kit. This one even has magazine feed paintballs and a silencer.

Ollie Lang's God of Paintball

Before I discuss the book itself, a quick background on the author, Oliver "Ollie" Lang. In the world of professional paintball (yes, it's a real sport) Ollie is widely considered to be the very best. The premier player, having won every single pro competition not once, but sometimes three and four times over. By the time he was in his early twenties, he had achieved all this and more. He is both respected by his peers and feared by his opponents. Ollie started as a teen and helped form team Ironkids, but really cut his teeth in the sport on team Dynasty, where they traveled extensively and beat everyone there was to beat. Oliver made pro paintball history when in 2006 he was paid by Dye Precision to leave team Dynasty and rejoin team Ironmen and endorses their products, however, Ollie Lang's Power Paintball was his own brainchild. Google "Team Ironmen" to learn about Ollie's team, including team stats, roster, and sponsors, and everything Team Ironmen.

The book itself is well written. Ollie is a down to earth dude, and it really comes through in his book. The book offers a gold mine of information for everyone from beginner to intermediate players. He offers advice on every single facet of the game. The mindset before, during, and even after the game. He covers it all: Getting over certain "fears," Crushing common misconceptions, Just tons and tons of practical, field ready tips, strategies, and advice that unless you are a complete dunce, you will benefit from. He is truly a pioneer in the sport and continues to be so with the advent of his book. Ollie Lang's Power Paintball covers the sport from top to bottom:

  • 10 essential Drills the Ironmen use everytime we practice.
  • How being able to control your Inner Game will make you a better player.
  • Eliminating the embarrassment of being the first guy shot.
  • The two most important tips that even pros for get.
  • and much much more.

Every little group or "click" has their own language, and paintball is no different. Ollie even includes a huge glossary of the slang and acronyms and their definitions, so even if you do somehow still suck after reading the book ( like me), at least you can sound like you know what you're talking about. Ollie Lang has truly outdone himself (again), and this is a must read for everyone from the weekend warrior to the aspiring pro.

Find out more about Ollie Lang's Power Paintball book here and check out the cool freebies he offers!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Paintball Mainstream

Contrary to the belief that paintball is nothing but tough young men playing "war" wearing camouflage in the woods, the popularity of the sport has increased to the point where some nine million Americans have played it. Paintball versions of Capture the Flag, and Elimination have become popular pastimes for every kind of group from church groups to sororities.

Paintball venues have hosted birthday parties and bachelor parties. Corporations have held team building exercises involving paintball. There are paintball clubs and events for almost every age and skill level. Kids as young as 10 can play paintball, and this is due to the sport having strict safety regulations and a good safety record.

But, doesn't it hurt to be hit by a paintball? The sensation has been likened to being snapped by a rubber band, stung by a bee, or hit with a wet towel. However, the general consensus among paintball enthusiasts is that after getting hit the first time, adrenaline takes over, and the sensation of actually being hit fades into the background.

The most common paintball game is Capture the Flag. While there are variations, the basic object of the game is for one team to capture the opposite team's flag, while protecting its own flag from being captured. Players are eliminated from the game after being hit by a paintball.

Simple games of elimination are also popular. These games are played until there is only one player still standing. Sometimes there are different rules, such as pretend "medics" who will examine a player who has been hit and decide if he or she is fit to return to the game. Part of the popularity of paintball is that it is not a sport in which success depends on physical size or age.

And while it is possible for the paintball fanatic to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment, for the casual player, $25 to $30 will rent the proper safety and paintball equipment for an afternoon of fast-paced fun. Commercial paintball parks feature different themed fields, such as woods, cityscapes, or replicas of famous battlefields. Such parks usually also feature speedball fields, which are populated with inflatable bunkers. There are even indoor paintball fields, making it an all-weather sport in places lucky enough to have these facilities.

Commercial paintball fields also offer perks such as locker rooms, picnic areas, and concessions. They are required to meet strict insurance regulations and employ referees to ensure the players' safety. In addition, commercial paintball parks monitor the velocity of paintballs with instruments called chronographs. The velocity of the paintballs depends on the ambient temperature for markers (guns) that use CO2 for propelling paintballs. This problem is less pervasive in indoor, climate-controlled settings.

With improved safety features and an improving public image, paintball has gone from being somewhat of a "fringe" sport to drawing grandparents, kids, and everyone in between. Part of the appeal is the stress relief of firing off a round of paint, and part of it is the strategic and tactical thinking that is involved in the game. Paintball is also a sport where size and youth do not necessarily confer success.

Because teamwork and communication are so important, clubs, church groups, and even corporations have enthusiastically embraced paintball games as a way for people to learn to work together and where everyone contributes. The large and growing popularity of paintball facilities and teams attests to its broad